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Drain Backup Cleaning Service in Toronto

Emergency Drain Service

Call Anta Plumbing for emergency plumbing services 24/7 at 416 231 3331

Clogged drain? Anta Plumbing and Drain provides emergency plumbing services in and around Toronto, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will send a City of Toronto licensed plumber team to your premises in 1 hour to do any drain backup cleaning and fix clogged drains in no time.

Backup in a Basement? It Could Be a Blocked Sewer

Anta Sewer Backup

Sewer (drain) backup

The most common cause of sewer backup is a blockage of the sanitary service pipe between the home and the City's sewer main. From our master plumbers' experience, soil settlement, misaligned joints, roots infiltration or pipe collapses are fairly common causes of blockages. Sewer blockages can also be caused by cooking grease, rags, or pieces of solid debris that have been flushed down a household drain.

If you have a sewer blockage, your floor drain will usually provide evidence that problem is present within your sewer system. The sewage discharge will generally rise within the piping system and discharge may appear around the floor drain. You can control the amount of backup by not using your plumbing fixtures until you have the sewers checked by a licensed plumber or a drain services contractor.

Blocked by roots pipe

Blocked drain

Roots of nearby shrubs and trees, seeking moisture, will make their way into sewer lateral cracks. These roots can do a lot of damage. They may start out small, getting into a small crack in the pipe; but as the tree or shrub continues to grow, so does the root. This will eventually cause your sewer lateral to break, which in turn allows debris to become stuck in the sewer lateral, thus causing a backup. Please be careful about planting greenery around you sewer lateral.

When you have a sewer backup and suspect it may be caused by roots in pipes, you should call Anta Plumbers, who use a range of methods to solve your problem. Video sewer inspection enables us to see exactly what is going on inside your drains. We can attach root cutting equipment to the CCTV drain inspection snake, which will cut off the roots as we progress through the line.

Read more information about roots in a sewer line and City Program to keep our city clean and full of trees.

How to clean after backups.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Drain Backup Overflow

Cleaning up after a drain backup overflow is critical, as drain pipes take waste water away from your home. This water may be from the kitchen sink, bathtub, basin or toilet. Water that sits in the pipes before it overflows contains bacteria that may be harmful to your health and that of other people sharing the property. Anta Plumbing’s master plumber suggests these tips for cleaning up after a drain backup overflow.

  • Drain all flood waters and/or sewage by natural draining or pumping.

  • Remove dirt, soil and debris from surfaces that came in contact with flood waters.

  • Wash down all walls, floors and surfaces that the flood water or sewage touched with clean, warm or hot water and a low suds detergent.

  • Rinse again with warm or hot water.

  • Sanitize by rinsing walls, floors and surfaces using 1/2 tablespoons (tbs) of laundry bleach (i.e., Clorox, Roman Cleanser) in each gallon of water used.

  • Air the area by opening windows or using fans.

  • Prevent tracking flood debris and sewage into clean areas.

Toronto Restoration Services

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Anta Plumbing has working relationships with several Toronto-based companies. One of the companies we come into contact with is Toronto flood sewer sewage backup cleanup company. Call Canada Restoration Services 416.649.0911 if you have experienced a sewage backup and need professional help in cleaning it up.

To find more information about R3 Toronto cleaning company visit our partners website at

Canada Restoration Services

Prevent backups - Master Plumbers' Tips

Anta Plumbing’s experienced master plumbers have dealt with many blocked years over the course of their careers and offer these tips for avoiding drain backups:

  • Avoid putting inappropriate objects into your plumbing system through toilets or drains.

  • Make sure downspouts extend at least 1.8 metres (6 feet) from your basement wall. Also, be sure the water does not drain toward your neighbour's basement walls. It should drain away from your house toward the street, rear yard, or back lane.

  • Build up the ground around your house so that water drains away from your basement walls. Also, examine sidewalks, patios, decks and driveways. These areas can settle over time and cause water to drain back towards your basement walls.

  • Provide sewer service line maintenance from time to time. Call Anta Plumbing for video sewer inspection CCTV to check roots, blocked pipes or misaligned joints. You will see all the details of sewer service line condition on the color screen.

  • Small blockages can be fixed by Drain Snaking. And you can prevent major damages for your basement just by snaking clogged parts.

  • Keep floor drain clean and easy to reach. Don't cover it by concrete slab or tiles, or carpet.

  • Be aware of smells coming from your floor drain. If you notice a sewer smell, we suggest you contact Anta Plumbing to check condition of your sewer line.

  • Clear water in a floor drain (in a trap) prevents any smell from sewer line.

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