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Basement Waterproofing

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Outside Waterproofing

Process Exterior Repairs done from the outside are generally considered protection of your inside environment and foundation walls.

Weeping tile

A weeping tile is a porous pipe used for underground drainage. The pipe is typically plastic with small slits cut lengthwise into it. It is buried and surrounded by aggregate larger than the slits. The aggregate rocks prevent excessive soil from falling through the slits into the weeping tile. Weeping tile is located below the footing around the full perimeter of the foundation wall and covered by a clear stone.With this arrangement, water in the surrounding soil above the weeping tile flows into the weeping tile. The weeping tile then drains into a storm sewer or a sump pump.

Exterior Repairs

Waterproofing can be done partially in a sence that at some point weeping tile is not "leveled" or some damage happened with walls or foundation. We can excavate just a few feet fix the problem and your house will be dry and clean like before. But most problems with wet basement can not be fixed just partially. We need to excavate all area around and make protection of house foundation and, of course, the basement is included in the complex.

Below we decribed the waterproofing project step by step. And we took most common situation where weeping tile has to be reinstalled all around the house.

Waterproofing Project Preparation

1. Master has to find the right spots where we can pile construction materials, tools, tarps to provide protection for interlocks or driveways from soil, stones and mud, and where we can put clean fill bins for extra soil (will be taken away instead of clear gravel which we are going to put on top of weeping tile to make a "sponch" effect for ground water around the house). We need to be sure that neighbours houses will be protected from any damages during the work period. We need to put plywood to protect a walls, ground, interlock, and garden. Sometimes we will ask you to get permission from your neighbors to use there driveway or side area (in case if houses stand to close to each other).

Excavation beside the foundation

2.We will use excavators only if we need to dig large area, as usually. There are a lot of surfaces which need to be more accurate. Excavators doesn't give this option when we work with residential projects. Some times in a middle of procedure the work site will look bad because of soil, mud, stones, tarps, tools. But don't be afraid because at the end (2 weeks approximately) you will see your house exactly as it was before. Most of the time it will look even better, because we care about your nice looking house too.

Weeping tile installation

3. Installation of weeping tile. The pipe is typically plastic with small slits cut lengthwise into it. It is buried and surrounded by aggregates larger than the slits. The aggregate rocks prevent excessive soil from falling through the slits into the weeping tile. The best approved product presently available for typical residential applications is 4" corrugated pipe. We install weeping tile before putting the membrane on the wall just because we need to wash walls with power washer machine and it gives a lot of water to drain. Without the weeping tile water will go to the basement which originally has to be avoided.

Tar Layer or Blue Sealing

4. Now it's a time to wash and brush walls from any dirt, and mud. We do this for reason to find any cracks on the wall and fix these kind of problems for future goal get a dry basement.

5. The foundation wall and footing is covered with tar.

Tar is a viscous black liquid derived from the destructive distillation of organic matter. Most tar is produced from coal as a byproduct of coke production, but it can also be produced from petroleum, peat or wood.

Moisture barrier membrane

6. Foundation wall and footing is covered by waterproofing membrane. The membrane is vacuum formed in a dimpled pattern to create an air-gap at the foundation wall. This design allows any water getting past the dimpled membrane to fall freely to the footer drain. The air-gap guarantees a safe separation between the foundation wall and any ground-moisture. The membrane keeps water from ever touching the wall on its way through the soil to the footing drainage system. The air-gap allows the foundation wall to "breathe".

7. If you care about your future maintenance and payments for any drainage services we install an above grade cleanout to provide above grade access to the weeping tile to facilitate monitoring and maintainance.

Weeping tile covered by gravel

8. Gravel is then installed over the weeping tile.

9. On top of clear stones (gravel) we put weed control material (also people call that garden cloth) to protect weeping tile from the mud, roots, and clog.

10. Homeowners should plan to do some landscaping and final grading(you can find out some very helpfull information about it here) following settlement. We provide interlocking if you would like it.

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