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Basement Lowering

If not carried out properly, this kind of work poses very real risks and could see damage to or collapse of the existing home. You are therefore advised to employ experienced plumbers and technicians to carry out the project.

AnTa Team is capable of completing projects of any size. Residential projects range from partial foundation solutions to full foundation support solutions.

AnTa Team has a lot of satisfied customers with new deep basements to live, to use that space for there own needs.

Call us for free consultation, free estimates, free advises. We protect your basement from water damage; our plumbers install new drain system and do water service on the same time. When we are done, you can enjoy your new rooms.

Basement lowering project:

AnTa Plumbing Inc. at Basement Lowering Projects

- Building Permit approved by Municipality
- Underpinning or bench lowering
- Waterproofing
- Water service (water supply line)
- Water meter relocation
- AC and water tank removing and then reinstallation
- Drain system relocation (every basement has different solution)
- Floor Drain installation
- Sump pump installation
- Ejector pump installation (not at all basements, reason has connection to drain system installation)
- Beam installation (new beam need to be installed) with support posts (2-4)
- Concrete slab installation

For the last couple of years Basement Lowering has become a popular renovation project in Toronto and GTA due to the low overhead height in the basement of many existing homes (~6-6.5 feet).

By extending this height to 8 feet through the downward extension of the foundation walls, extra space becomes available as a source for additional income from basement apartment for rent or extra living space for your family.

Benching or Bench-Ledging

Final Bench Method Structure

A stable soil slope is maintained between the lowered basement floor level, and the underside of the original footings (to avoid undermining the footings). Then, a steel reinforced concrete "bench" is poured over top of the stable soil slope, to ensure that the soil slope is protected. It leaves you with a concrete bench around the interior perimeter of the basement.


Final Underpinning Structure

A sequence of holes are dug-out from under the footing of your home. The footing is the concrete or brick pad which spreads the load of the foundation walls onto the soil. Typically, a series of 4' wide holes, separated by 8' of undisturbed soil, is prepared and filled with concrete. The top 2" of the concrete filled hole is packed with non-shrink grout, rather than filled to the top with concrete, so as to avoid the possibility that air pockets are present. Once the first series of holes are filled with concrete, the adjacent 4' wide segment is dug-out, and the underpinning process continues.

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