12 Signs You Should Call a Basement Waterproofing Expert

Basement waterproofing is a serious matter, especially if you live in Toronto. During spring, when the snow and ice start to melt, you may notice that your carpets are damp, or that your basement walls are wet. In serious cases, when damp has been around for some time, your floor vents and appliances may become rusty. Wet basements can cause many headaches, including high energy bills, wet drywall and serious health problems.

A professional basement waterproofing evaluation can help you identify a wet basement. Some of the most common signs that you need basement waterproofing, include any of the following:

  • wet walls
  • wet floors
  • condensation
  • wet carpets
  • wet drywall
  • efflorescence
  • sump pump problems
  • leaking windows
  • leaky water heater
  • water in the cove
  • poor drainage
  • a musty smell in the basement.

Does my basement really need waterproofing?

If your basement has any of the above symptoms, you should most definitely consider basement waterproofing. Whenever clean water sits for more than 12 hours, it starts developing mildew and mold. The risk is greatly increased if your wet basement is caused by grey or black water. Mold brings with it a range of health issues, including allergies and asthma, but it can also cause property damage, such as concrete spalling, acid damage and high electricity bills.

Mold & Your Family's Health

High humidity levels are the ideal breeding ground for mold, mildew and dust mites which all lead to increased allergies and asthma. However, mold poses even more severe health risks, including cancer. It is absolutely pivotal that you have your basement dried out and to call a basement waterproofing specialist to deal with it.

● Property Damage Caused by Acid

If you see brown or rust-colored stains on concrete or block walls, your home is at risk for damage. Homes built in areas with clay soil are at risk for foundation cracks, as hydrostatic pressure is pushed through the clay. The acid will deteriorate the foundation of your basement, weakening it and leaving behind a myriad problems.

● Increased Utility Bills

A humid basement is not only uncomfortable, but it can increase your electrical bills by 10-15%. However, it also causes more serious problems, such as wet drywall, mold and wood rot.

● Chipped Walls

Chipped walls, also known as concrete spalling, occur when the water damage and high pressure is present, and hydrostatic pressure is added to the equation.

The Problem With DIY Basement Waterproofing

There's more to it than just applying epoxy over the cracks in your basement walls. Cracks in the basement floor could point to foundation issues, and it is important to ensure that this type of issue is fixed by a specialist.

Professional basement waterproofing contractors are qualified, experienced and receive ongoing education to help them stay at the cutting-edge of industry advancements. Not only do they attend frequent manufacturer workshops, but they also stay abreast of the latest technologies, best practices and installation techniques to ensure that they perform the very best job on your basement waterproofing project.

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