12 Tips Most Plumbers Won’t Give You

Let’s face it, nobody likes to call the plumbers. While Anta Plumbing’s clients are quick to leave glowing plumbing service reviews, it takes some doing on our part to show them that we only have their best interest at heart. I guess emergency plumbing call-outs are partly to blame, because they usually occur at the most inopportune moments, and often cost an arm and a let. But today, we’d like to thank our customers for their great plumbing reviews and share a few tips that will help avoid unnecessary plumbing issues, and, when you do have to call us, ensure the best service as fair prices.

1. Regular maintenance is the key to avoiding almost all emergency plumbing calls. Schedule a yearly plumbing inspection, and be sure to winterize your pipes.

2. Not in the Greater Toronto Area? Call your local plumbing supply store, as they hate bad plumbers almost as much as we do, and they will give you a referral to a qualified master plumber.

3. Planning a new installation? You will either have to plan and book ahead or call on Tuesday because on Mondays, wives call us to repair all the mistakes their husbands made on the weekend.

4. Avoid unnecessary insurance claims by calling Anta Plumbing to replace your washing machine’s flimsy rubber hoses with quality stainless steel pipes.

5. Don’t put bricks in the toilet tank, as it may keep your toilet from flushing. Also avoid using chemical drain cleaners, because they damage the pipes. For household plumbing maintenance, use a plunger or an auger.

6. If you don’t know where to turn off your main water supply, find out right now. Every day, Toronto plumbers receive dozens of calls from people who are in a panic because their homes are flooding and they don’t know how to stop it.

7. Get a hair snare or a drain strainer to prevent hair from blocking your drains and use body wash instead of soap, which gums up pipes.

8. Avoid flushable sanitary products, such as baby wipes, which is one of the main causes of clogged drains. These items don’t break down in the say way as toilet paper.

9. Your garbage disposal should come with an Allen wrench and you should keep it under the sink in case of jams. It is easy enough to fix, especially if you use our handy tips here.

10. The exposed pipes in the basement were not made for the purpose of hanging up clothes. In fact, it can cause them to break, which will flood your basement. If you need hanging space, you may want to consider a basement conversion – there’s a lot of potential.

11. When you want a new toilet seat, and the old one is attached with metal bolts, be sure to tell your husband to use a hacksaw. We have often seen wrenches slip, causing damage to the bowl and very painful knuckles.

12. When you call a Toronto master plumber, don’t worry too much about the materials charges. Hiring a professional plumber with a large company servicing the GTA, you will probably benefit from their buying power. However, it is not really the materials you pay for, but rather the years of experience.

We hope these tips help you to avoid future plumbing mishaps and emergency plumbing call-outs. However, when you need a good Toronto plumber, be sure to call Anta Plumbing.

Written by Tanya Klien

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