3 Jobs Best Left to a Professional Plumber

After years in the plumbing industry, we have come to accept the fact that calling the plumber is not the first point on every homeowner's bucket list. People feel that plumbers are expensive, and many homeowners mistakenly believe that limited DIY knowledge is sufficient to take on major plumbing projects. The truth is that anyone can change a showerhead, unclog a drain or even replace a toilet, if they have much experience. However, there are some jobs that are simply better left to the professionals and should never be attempted on your own. Reasons Why Homeowners Can't do All Their Own Plumbing Apart from the fact that some plumbing jobs are just too complicated for an untrained person, there are other factors to consider, namely the fact that: ❖ only true professional plumbers possess the tools and skills required to perform many of the plumbing projects around the home. ❖ some plumbing issues may be located behind walls or under floors, which lead to accessibility issues for which you may not have the equipment. ❖ you may be in violation of plumbing codes, as only licensed plumbers are allowed to perform certain jobs. ❖ a plumber can do the job right first time, on time, whereas a DIY mistake can end up causing serious damage and you will have to pay more to have it professionally repaired. Here are the 3 jobs you should always leave to the professionals... Extending Hot Water Lines If you're remodeling your home and installing a new kitchen or bathroom, and you need to install hot water, there's probably a lot you can do yourself. However, when it comes to installing hot water pipes, you need to call in the professionals. Re-Routing Sewage Pipes Drain pipes carry sewage away from your home via the main sewer pipe. While most people can perform some basic drain repairs, there are two things that should be left to the professionals, including: ● repairing the main sewer line ● upgrading the sewer system ● replacing sewer pipes The water needs to be turned off safely , and the right piping must be selected and affixed properly to the main city sewer. Much of this job will require permits and the water on the street will have to be shut off. Apart from heavy fines for violations, a small oversight can result in a sewage backup and damage to the environment. Repairing Water Mains Every homeowner should know when and how to switch off their home's water supply to stop leaks or repair minor plumbing issues. However, any jobs that require shutting off the water mains for the whole street is another matter altogether. It requires a City of Toronto licensed plumber to obtain the necessary permits, access and permissions. You also must be able to correctly complete the job in the specified time, or else you will open yourself up to legal issues. As you can see, there are times when it is simply easier (and cheaper!) to call a professional plumber such as Anta Plumbing.

Written by Tanya Klien

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