3 Main Causes of Septic System Backups

Septic tank backups can be a messy situation. A backup is also one of the most common septic system problems. However, diagnosing septic tank problems is not always easy, as the problem could be with the tank itself, or with the drainfield. It could be a mechanical malfunction, or it could be a septic system backup due to a clog in the drain line. It could even be a clogged filter in the septic tank. Anta Plumbing master plumbers recommend that you enlist someone who has experience with septic tanks to help you diagnose or troubleshoot your septic tank to help avoid system failure.

Septic system professionals have the experience required to diagnose a blockage and to repair it without being poisoned by methane gases, and is therefore the person to call when you notice issues with your septic system.

Common Septic Tank Issues

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping any plumbing system in good working condition, and this applies to a septic system too. While not all issues can be avoided entirely, there are ways in which you can minimize it.

Some of the most common issues you may notice, include:

● sludge buildup due to irregular pumping
● broken drain lines or tanks
● tree roots invading the septic tank cover or cracks in the tank
● clogged septic filter
● improper septic tank bacterial levels or low enzyme populations
● untreated solids and sludge leaving the tank
● too much grease entering the system, resulting in grease capping
● sulfite or bio-mat buildup
● compacted soil or damaged drain field piping
● incorrect dainfield placement

Over the years of serving the community's plumbing in Toronto, Anta Plumbing has gained invaluable knowledge of septic tanks and the causes of septic system backups.


# 1 Cause of Septic System Backup: Incorrect Pumping Procedures

Proper maintenance is the key to avoiding septic tank backups. When solids build up unnecessarily in your tank, it can reduce the tank's capacity. It is important to be mindful of what you allow in the system, and to maintain high levels of biological activity.

Anta Plumbing can apply a professional septic tank treatment product that will help prevent sludge from overloading in your septic tank.


# 2 Cause of Septic System Backup: Clogged Septic Filter

Although this is a common problem, it is easily remedied quickly and inexpensively. Septic tank outlet filters protect your drainfield from becoming overloaded with solids. Most building regulations require septic tank filters that prevent the drain field from being overloaded due to excessive solids. Modern plastic and poly septic tanks have built-in filters that are easy to clean. Simply remove the filter, wash it down using your garden hose, and inspect it for any issues. Fats, oils, grease, paper and untreated solids can be lodged inside the filter, impeding the operation of your septic tank.


# 3 Cause of Septic System Backup: Tree Roots in Pipes

Tree roots can infiltrate cracks in your tank or around the risers or covers of your septic tank, causing major damage. When the tank is not working as it should due to backups caused by tree roots, it can cause the system to work slowly or to stop completely.

A video sewer inspection can help find the cause of the backup in your septic system. Anta Plumbing's team of septic tank experts can also help you remove the problem and get your system back to proper working order.

Written by Tanya Klien

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