3 Signs of Trouble With Your Water Main Line

Your water main line is the artery that runs from the Toronto municipal supply to your home, providing your family with clean potable water. It’s often difficult to pick up issues with the mainline because it is buried underground – which also makes it more difficult to repair if it encounters hassles. Thankfully, city of Toronto licensed plumbers know exactly how to diagnose plumbing problems, detect leaks and repair water mains.

Various things can contribute to leaks in the water main line, including:

  • frozen pipes
  • roots in pipes
  • corrosion in the fixture

How to Spot a Broken Water Main Line


Of course, you don’t want to call a plumber unless you are sure that you actually have a problem. Here is Anta Plumbing’s homeowner’s guide to detecting leaks in the water main line. If you suspect a mainline leak, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Has there been a sudden reduction in my water pressure?


A mainline leak will generally slow down the water pressure in your home. Sometimes it will slow to a trickle, but that might also be an indication of mineral build-up. tree roots in pipes or something similar. The way to tell that it is in fact the mainline, is the fact that the whole household will be affected, rather than a single room or outlet. In case of the pressure reduction in a particular room, that would indicate a problem with the pipe that supplies that room with water.

2. Do my pipes make strange sounds?


The only time your pipes should make a sound, is when water is being run. However, if you do have a leak, you may hear sound being carried through the pipes in your home.

3. Are there any unusual puddles?


Of course, puddles are common in Toronto, particularly around the rainy season. However, in most cases, puddles will show up directly above the location of the broken line. It will usually form puddles in places where you are not used to see them. So if you notice any unusual puddles on your lawn or anywhere else in your yard, you may well have a water main leak.

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the location of your water main, so that you can quickly and easily ascertain whether it could be a mainline leak, or another type of plumbing leak. Knowing where the mainline and the various other plumbing lines run in and around your home, will help make it easier to manage. You should also know where the main shutoff is located (usually at street level where the connection is between the municipal supply and your home) so that you can turn it off quickly in the event of a major leak that has the potential to flood your home and yard or could cause significant damage.

Anta Plumbing employs City of Toronto licensed plumbers who have many years of experience in installing, servicing and repairing water main lines. We use the latest leak detection equipment to repair your main line and restore your service to full working order in no time.

Written by Tanya Klien

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