4 Situations That Call for Video Sewer Inspection

If you've recently put your home on the market, or if you've been involved in conversations about plumbing, you will most likely have heard about video sewer inspections. What is it and why should you have it done? In this post, we will tell you all about it and why you need it.

What is Video Sewer Inspection?

Also known as a sewer scope, a video sewer inspection sends a video camera down your home's sanitary or lateral main waste line which runs from your home to the city's sewer connection. During a video sewer inspection, the technician receives live feedback from the sewer main line, which can be recorded on video for the client.

The Purpose of a Sewer Scope

The main objective of a sewer scope is to find out whether the sewer is functioning as it should, and whether it needs maintenance, repair or replacement.

Video sewer inspection is usually indicated when you buy a new home, but there are other reasons that necessitate it too:

1. Sewer Backups

If you experience recurring backups, a drain service company may come out and present you with a sizable repair bill. However, in many cases, repairs aren't needed, but rather proper maintenance using the right equipment to ensure that:

your sewer lateral is clear of FOG (fats, oils, grease) and root infiltration.
the line flows freely.

We recommend that you call for a second opinion instead. Anta Plumbing will come out to your home, do a sewer inspection and give you a second opinion. In cases where only a section of the line is clogged, it can usually be sorted out with minimum fuss. In most cases, however, a line doesn't have to be replaced just because of tree roots. You can rely on Anta Plumbing's expert drain services technicians to give you the facts. Trained to be transparent, they will tell you the truth about whether repair or replacement is needed, and that's why, in the majority of cases, our second opinions differ from the original scope provided by other companies.

If we find that your sewer line is damaged and needs to be replaced, we will provide you with the most cost effective option to suit your needs and your pocket.

2. City Notices

From time to time, you may receive notices from the City, saying that your sewer connection to the mainline is broken, and that you need to repair it.

A broken connection causes sewage to leak into the soil, which causes a health and environmental hazard, and since it causes the soil to move, it may undermine the city's infrastructure.

We have seen, on many occasions during sewer scopes, that the City sometimes sends the notice to the wrong neighbor, so let us take a peep and make sure that you're responsible before you take out your pocketbook.

3. New Home Warranty Expiration

While it is important to check out the main sewer line before you buy a new home, it is as important to call for video sewer inspection before your new home warranty expires.

You will often find that the soil is still settling years after a new home was constructed, and this can cause all kinds of trouble with your sanitary system. However, a video sewer inspection can pick up on collapsed pipes, low spots and broken connections that have gone undetected.

4. Selling Your Home

It's common for buyers to request a video sewer inspection, but if there are issues and you leave it until then, you will have to have it repaired on their timeline and possibly at a higher cost.

Take a pro-active approach by calling for an inspection early on to ensure that you can address any problems at a costs that is within your budget and head off any issues that may crop up during the pre-close stages.

Get the truth about your plumbing system with a video sewer inspection, as it can help ward off any unwanted issues later on.

Written by Anta

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