5 Plumbing Repairs That are Best Left to the Pros

Owning a house usually means that we're qualified to perform the odd DIY plumbing repair, right? Not so much! While many homeowners know how to lag pipes and fix faulty toilets, there are some things that should rather be left to the professionals.

The plumbing system consists of a complex network of pipes and fixtures that are often beyond the skills level of the average handyman. It's usually best to rely on a professional plumber instead.  One of the reasons why we recommend that you call the professionals is because most homeowners don't realize the exact state of their drain and sewage systems. Knowledge is power, so stay abreast of these issues in order to avoid it becoming bigger (and more costly!) than it needs to be.

We see it on a regular basis:  Homeowners try to tackle a plumbing task, but a small oversight results in a flooded property and a drained wallet. A misdiagnosed problem or incorrect repair to the water heater can lead to a fire that won't be covered by your insurance. Some of the reasons why you should not do your own plumbing repairs are because:

  1. A plumber can do the job that might take you two full weekends, in one day.
  2. If you misdiagnose a plumbing problem or do it incorrectly, you could make the problem worse.
  3. You could impact your own and your family's safety.
  4. It may be against the law for you to perform certain repairs.



Concentrated Man Repairing His Sink In The Kitchen


Here are some of the plumbing & household repair issues you should not attempt by yourself:


Gas Line Plumbing:  Only someone with gas certification should perform gas line plumbing. That's a City regulation.

Installing / Repairing a Septic Tank:  If you live in a secluded area that is not connected to the municipal infrastructure, you probably use a septic tank. Instead of attempting this on your own, call a professional plumber who knows the safety procedures to follow, and is in possession of the right qualifications, tools, and skills.

Re-routing or Replacing  Pipes:  Plumbing advice manuals don't provide an accurate description of the confusion you will find when trying to replace cracked rusted pipes. It is not easy, because you have to dismantle large sections of the plumbing network, and if you have copper pipes, you have to use a blow torch to fuse them. Again, this is best left to the professionals.

Frozen Pipes:  Winter will be here again soon, and with it, frozen pipes. While you use a blowtorch to install copper pipes, you should never use a blowtorch on frozen pipes as it can lead to house fires. Avoid frozen pipes by installing lagging, and if it still freezes, get hold of Anta Plumbing right away.

Bathroom Remodels:  Home renovations are a great investment in creating a return on your investment when selling your house. However, it will only be beneficial if you do the job properly, and you can only be assured of this when you hire a professional plumber to install new toilets and his and her sinks.

Next time you're faced with a plumbing issue, rather call the professionals to first get clearance and advice, or, if it is more complicated than a running toilet, rather call Anta Plumbing to handle the repair for you.

Written by Tanya Klien

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