7 Simple Ways to Find an Honest Plumber Near You

Most plumbers appear honest when you first encounter them. 

But eventually, they show their true colors. How can you avoid this scenario?

In this article, I want to show you effective ways on how you can find an honest plumber.

You may have heard or read of how difficult it’s to get a reliable, trusted, and honest plumber. But I’m going to make it easier in this article.

According to ResearchGate, “Homeowners have an important stake in finding the right plumber and plumbing system for their households.”

Getting the right plumber to handle your plumbing needs can go a long way in helping you fix common issues on time, at the right price.

Whether you’re looking for a plumber to handle a private job or commercial apartment, as long as the serviceman is honest, you’ll get the right quote, and be assured of a great job.

These are 7 effective ways, which I have used to get an honest plumber in my area.

Let’s get started.


  1. Get Referrals

This is one of the easiest ways you can get an ideal plumber that will not cheat you. Especially when it comes from your friends or any other person you trust.

Someone you trust can recommend a plumber they have hired to fix their plumbing issue in the past.

It may be a plumber they’re acquainted with over the years, whom they trust.

If you belong to any social media group, for example, Facebook, then you can ask members to refer or recommend a trusted plumber. 

Most times, open-ended questions like this on a social platform get a fast response. Ensure you state your location.

Referrals can also come from Tradesmen, Electricians, and Bricklayers you may know and trust.

An electrician, for example, may know an honest plumbing expert in your area, whom they can recommend. You can even get a discount if they have such an arrangement.


  1. Look Out For a Qualified And Licensed Plumber

Now that a plumber has been referred to you, it’s your responsibility to find out if they are licensed and qualified to do the job.

It’s advisable to get a plumber that keeps a statewide directory, which you can easily search to confirm their information.

Look Out For a Qualified And Licensed Plumber

This search will help you to determine if the plumber holds a current and valid plumber license.


Because every state's licensed plumber has their license database with the state. The service is mostly free. So take advantage of the service to find out if the plumber is licensed or not.

You can also get this information from the National Contractor License Service. This body also has a database of licensed plumbers.

Instead of basing your fact on the plumber’s credentials, spend a few minutes of your time to browse the statewide directory.

Because going to the internet to verify and confirm the authenticity of their license will save you time and money.

Don’t work with someone that has no valid operating license. Check out their business license from the state directory.

The state business license will give you detailed information about the plumber. This helps you determine if they are qualified to do the plumbing work or not.

For example, if you contact a new contractor in the business, you need detailed information from the state business license on their professionalism.


Different Titles of Plumber

Plumber titles are based on their experiences and training.

Plumbers have 3 main titles:

  • Journeyman
  • Apprentice
  • Master

Usually, it’s not common to have these 3 types of plumbers on one job. The level of the plumbing will determine the plumber that best fits the job.

If it’s a simple work, contact a Journeyman or Apprentice plumber. But for larger plumbing work, which requires technical skill -- then contact the Master plumber.


Description of Different Plumber Titles


The first stage of the title is Apprentice plumber. An Apprentice plumber is someone who is in the process of becoming a certified plumber through training.

Companies or local unions can offer this program to whoever is interested. An apprenticeship program is normally on the job training.

Though, Apprentice plumbers still do some classroom work. The duration to graduate from being an apprentice ranges from 4 - 5 years.

The next stage after an Apprentice is Journeyman. A Journeyman plumber is not an automatic title. It’s a process that requires an apprentice to move from apprenticeship to a licensed Journeyman.

After the application, the Apprentice has to pass a certified examinational body before attaining the title. This exam qualifies an Apprentice to become a professional Journeyman.

The last title is Master. The Master plumber is a Journeyman who has passed through specific training and acquired academic certificates as well.

The Master plumber certificate is obtained from the community college or vocational school.

To become a master plumber, you must pass a written exam and practical components.

Master plumbers have an annual exam to write to maintain their credentials. They oversee the Journeymen and Apprentice while carrying out a project.


  1. Research Their Business History

Research Their Business History

How long the plumber has been in the business is important information, which will give you a clear understanding of their expertise.

You can have a Journeyman who is an experienced plumber that can get the project done easily and perfectly.

But all you should care about is an honest plumber that can get your work done.

In most instances, qualified plumbers will be too busy to move door to door searching for a job. So, when you see such things, be careful not to hand-over your plumbing project to an unqualified plumber.

Mainly, the longer the plumbers have been in the work the better experience they have. It’s good to contact those who had spent years in the business to handle your project.


  1. Is The Plumber Insured and Bonded?

These are two different coverage's that a certified plumber needs to have for any eventuality.

When searching for a reliable plumber, look for someone that has these two coverage's. Because honesty has nothing to do with insurance and bond coverage.


A Plumber with a Bond has an instrument coverage that will pay a premium or compensate the homeowner -- if the plumber fails to meet the industry standards.

For example, if they fail to complete the job or use substandard materials that are not quoted before the job.

On the other hand, the Insurance cover takes care of the hospital bill and any other bill in case of any occurrence of an accident while on the job.

Mostly, qualified plumbers carry both Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance. It is important to confirm if they have these coverage's before signing up a contract with them.

Though, Homeowners Policy covers whoever is working in the home in case of an accident.


  1. Don’t Depend On One Quotation

When a plumber gives you a project quotation, go further to get extra two or three quotations to confirm the actual price.

Some people ignore this aspect because they don’t want the plumber to get angry. However, a qualified plumber will expect you to get more quotations from competitors.

The plumber will tell you what caused the difference in the price -- so that you could have it in mind when getting more quotations.

Sometimes, cheaper products aren’t necessarily the best product. The most important factor is that you get an honest plumber that’ll deliver on what they promised.


  1. Use The Offline

You can also get an honest plumber from a reputable magazine. Once you get such a magazine, check for the plumber directory page.

All things being equal, the first plumber who makes the list is usually trustworthy and experienced. But don’t forget to conduct your research.

Most companies list reviews based on plumbers’ expertise. So take a moment to properly check the review before you make your conclusion.

Ensure the directory has the complete details of those plumbers. The complete details will help you reach the appropriate governing body if there is a breach of contract.


  1. Search Within Your Community

One of the safe ways to get an honest plumber is through your community.

Getting a local plumber will save you time and money. The plumber’s address can easily be accessed since it’s within your area.

You can also get someone who can tell you more about the plumber.

anta plumbing driving in the community


Plumbers in your community will provide high-quality jobs at an affordable price. Because they won't like to cut corners and rip homeowners off.


There you have it, the 7 effective and simple ways to find that honest plumber in your locality.

Although these are proven to work, I have found much success when I asked my neighbors and family members to recommend a trusted licensed plumber near you.

Oftentimes, they’ll recommend their plumber. This works like a charm!

Because you get to save money and time when searching for the right plumber that knows his job and would be glad to build a relationship with a new client.


Written by Tanya Klien

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