Affordable Furnace Installation: 2016 Federal and Provincial Government Furnace Rebates

Most Canadian homeowners see the value in installing high efficiency or energy saving appliances and fixtures. Not only does it save on monthly utility bills, but it also benefits the environment. However, those two reasons alone are often not enough to justify the often significant upfront financial outlay required to install the items. Thankfully, the Government of Canada has recognized this predicament and decided to offer a range of energy tax credits, such as the 2016 Federal and Provincial Government Furnace Rebates.

Understanding 2016 Federal and Provincial Government Furnace Rebates

The Canadian Government offers a variety of energy tax credits, rebates and grants to Toronto homeowners with the aim to offset the costs of upgrading from your old system to a high-efficiency natural gas or propane furnace, ductless heat pump mini-split system, geothermal setup, or combi boiler. Anta Plumbing can give you the specifics regarding to rebates that apply to you specifically.

Qualifying for Your 2016 Federal and Provincial Government Furnace Rebates

EcoEnergy grants are one of the options that provide up to $5,000 in tax-free money. You will need a pre-and post-energy audit to assess the required upgrades and to determine the available rebate amount.

When you receive your EcoEnergy grants, you can use the money to install a new gas or propane furnace, however, you may be able to get more for different upgrades, such as insulation and other home improvements.

While buying a new furnace is a large financial outlay, there are several ways to offset the costs. Depending on the energy efficiency of your device, you may be able to drop the expenses. Most often, a new furnace will qualify you for Ontario Power Authority rebates of up to $650.

Some Union Gas users in Southwestern and Central Ontario are entitled to rebates of up to $2,500 on their energy-efficient home renovation upgrade costs, or up to $500 for an HVAC system. To qualify, you will have to call a certified energy advisor to complete an energy assessment before and after the renovations. At least two eligible upgrades must be included in the assessment, and other criteria must be met, too. Criteria may include upgrading your hot water heater, boiler, furnace, doors, windows and skylights to Energy Star models, and also upgrading your insulation.

Anta Plumbing can help you apply for credits and rebates when you make purchases.

Are 2016 Federal and Provincial Government Furnace Rebates Worth the Trouble?

Modern, energy-efficient furnaces are approximately 30% more efficient than older units, and their operational efficiency is above 90%. A furnace is a fantastic investment in your home's energy consumption. Oil prices are constantly rising, and the cost of natural gas is escalating, but a furnace can save a significant amount of money.

Now the Government is making it easier for people who were previously unable to afford the initial costs of high-efficiency furnace installation. Thanks to the rebates, tax credits, and grants, it is easier than ever to supplement the installation costs and benefit from a more energy-efficient home.

Written by Tanya Klien

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