Best Towel Warmers of 2016

Picture yourself on a cold, winter morning getting out of bed and ready for work. There’s nothing more unappealing than hopping out of the shower knowing you’re going to be freezing for a while as you try to finish your morning routine. This little life problem can be fixed quite simply, so quit suffering through cold mornings. Towel warmers can be expensive but they are definitely worth it. Now is the best time to buy and install a towel warmer so you are set for the long winter ahead!

There are many different kinds of towel warmers, but the top 5 of 2016, according the BestReviews dot com quoted in CNN, TIMES, Forbes, and USA Today will be reviewed here. Whether you want one that hangs on the wall, or one you can shove into a corner and hide the top 5 purchased towel warmers of 2016 have you covered.

AMBA RWH-CP Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer
This is the best towel warmer on the market right now, and due to that it is a bit of an investment. For most buyers it has been well worth it. It has a polished, curved design that would look great in any home. Made from stainless steel the AMBA is approximately 5Kg and hangs on your wall. This towel warmer stands out because of rapid heat-up time and drying time thanks to its heated vertical and horizontal bars. It is a bit pricey but any product of quality will cost you a little extra. Some reviewers have also said installation is a bit tricky. The bottom line, however, is that this is the best towel warmer on the market in terms of reliability and performance.

Retail Price: $422.99 CDN

Elite Hot Towel Cabi-Warmer
This towel warmer is quite different from the AMBA. The Elite towel warmer is a small box that can fit up to 24 facial-sized towels. It contains an internal temperature control unit so the machine will never overheat. An insulated cabinet with a padded heating element surrounds all internal walls and the unit does not rely on bulbs. At half the price of the AMBA, this towel warmer is a steal. Unfortunately, the Elite towel warmer does not have temperature adjustment so that temperature of your towels cannot be modified. This is ideal for heating multiple towels at once but it is not the best at maintaining heat levels.

Retail Price: $215.00 CDN

Warm Rails Hyde Park Standing Towel Warmer
This is a standing towel warmer with a sleek design, so there is no need to hide it in the laundry room or install it on your own. The Hyde Park Standing Towel Warmer is also gentle enough to warm and dry bathing suits, bedding and hand-washable items. Some reviewers have claimed that this machine has a tendency to heat towels unevenly. It is 39-inches, 4.9Kg and has a chrome finish and comes with a 1-year limited warranty. This towel warmer looks great and is easy to use.

Retail Price: $225.00 CDN

Brookstone Towel Warmer
This is a uniquely designed towel warmer that can fit two oversized towels or one large blanket. The transparent lid allows you to look inside when needed. This towel warmer plugs into a standard 120 V plug-in and comes with an auto-shutoff feature. It warms and keeps towels at 120 degrees within 10 minutes. Some reviewers have claimed there initially there is a chemical smell to the machine as it warms up, however this fades over time. This is an extra-large capacity towel warmer that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Retail Price: $227.00 CDN

All Ware Home Fashion Freestanding Towel Warmer
This small towel warmer has an aluminum frame with 6-rungs to hang your towels or blankets. It is quite small and will not take up much room. The warmer comes with wall-mounting tools or freestanding feed that can be attached with minimal assembly. It plugs into a standard 110-120V outlet and has an on and off switch. The temperature reaches optimal heat within 30 minutes. Some reviewers have claimed it lacks stability so mounting it to the wall is the best choice.

Retail Price: $129.29 CDN

Stay warm this winter with one of the Top 5 towel warmers of 2016, it will make getting up a little bit easier!

Written by Tanya Klien

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