Beware of Risks Involved in Backwater Valve Installation Retrofitting

Over the last decade or so, backwater valve installation has become an integral part of building new homes in Toronto. However, for the older homes in Toronto, the solution is retrofitting.  Toronto Water  has been making all possible efforts to create awareness throughout the city in this regards. More significantly, the city authority has also been offering a subsidy program to help homeowners prevent basement flooding. Many of the readers of this post may not be aware of the fact that the single family homes are eligible to receive a subsidy up to $3,200 for the installation of flood prevention devices. However, before making a final decision, you must understand that backwater valve retrofitting process involves certain risks. Thoroughly consider  each of these points before deciding in favor of backwater valve retrofitting.

Excavation of Sewer Lines: Labor expenses can be extremely high for a backwater valve retrofitting project because it requires complete excavation of the sewer line of the building. As many of you already understand, excavation poses a serious risk to utility installations such as fuel lines, telephone, water and electrical cables. Worker injury is yet another risk to be considered here.

  • Always opt for plumbing contractors that are covered under workman’s compensation and insured. All certified Toronto plumbers are well aware of injury risks and the necessary legal coverage.
  • Before starting any excavation ensure that your plumber is able to identify all the important supply lines such as gas mains etc.
  • Instruct your plumbing contractor to make adequate arrangements of supports to prevent the collapse along the sides of the excavated area. This is particularly important during the rainy season.

Installation of Removable Covers: After the installation of your backwater valve, it is also a part of the job to make the valve easily accessible for the inspectors. Removable covers are installed to provide easy access to backwater valves. However, this installation leads to additional cost and inconvenience in some instances. Remember that this cover can lift off if your backflow prevention valve is not able to manage the backflow. The cover location can also be an issue for your garden, pets, and children.

Flow Turbulence Risk: Flow turbulence can take place when a very strong backflow prevents the closing of the valve gate completely or partially. For all types of backflow prevention valves, you can reduce or eliminate this problem by installing the valve approximately 2 feet away from the nearest upstream connection.

Pick your plumber carefully because backwater valve retrofitting is not the easiest of plumbing jobs. Since many years, our efficient Toronto plumbing experts have been handling these projects with flying colors. Contact us to find out more about your backwater valve retrofitting options in Toronto.

Written by Tanya Klien

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