Bidet Toilets: What, Where and Why?

When it comes to bidet toilets, the rest of the civilized world is much more advanced than most of the western countries. Most Americans don't know how bidets work, never mind the various types available. Then, there are people who don't even know what a bidet is.

Basically, a bidet is a toilet-like plumbing fixture, used for the same purpose, but it has an extra faucet placed inside the bowl, which is used instead or, or in some cases, in addition to toilet paper. Without going into too much detail, this article tastefully explains exactly how to use a bidet:

For now, we will focus on the plumbing aspects related to a bidet. Apart from wondering what a bidet is and how it works, most people want to know why they would choose a bidet over a standard toilet.

The answer is simple: It is more hygienic for you.

As for designs, there are a wide variety available on the market, ranging from basic types to more luxurious bidets with adjustable temperature faucets, heated seats, pulsating streams and built-in dryers.

Another benefit of the bidet is that you can manage the water consumption better than you can with a standard toilet. For that, and hygienic reasons, more people are installing bidets in addition to their standard toilets.

If you don't want to go through the painful (and costly!) remodeling, or you don't have space for a bidet in your bathroom, you may want to consider a bidet seat.

Added to your standard toilet, the bidet seat transforms your traditional toilet into a bidet. Manufacturers offer a range of quality products with a wide selection of added extras from which you can choose. Now you can quickly and easily turn your standard toilet into a more hygienic, comfortable and luxurious bidet with electronic controls.

When buying a bidet seat, you have to consider factors such as your toilet shape. Ensure that you buy a bidet seat that fits your bowl perfectly and is compatible with your toilet. Ideally, you should let your plumber help you choose the right bidet or bidet seat.

If your experience is your number one priority, you could consider one of the more expensive electronic bidets, which, at the touch of a button can heat your seat, play music, rinse and dry your bum.

There are more affordable, basic options for the less discerning user, who can choose a non-electronic option. One of the most common choices is a standard porcelain bidet with one or two faucets.

Of course, the faucets are another important consideration since they, too, are available in a range of styles with different options and features. The most important consideration is your personal hygienic needs.

Different bidet faucets come with different spray styles and one or two handles. Generally, those with one handle spray a horizontal arc of water out of the rear section of the bidet. Those with two handles generally have a vertical spray, shooting up from the bottom of the bowl.

For the purpose of choosing the spray type, your personal preference will dictate. However, some users find that the one-handled bidets are easier to adjust, while the two-handled bidets with vertical sprays offer a more comprehensive clean.

When it comes to choosing a bidet, or a standard toilet, your personal preference should be the deciding factor. Speak to your plumber about installation options, and ask him to help you choose the best bidet for your needs from the showroom.

Written by Tanya Klien

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