Conserve Water with Green Plumbing Initiatives.

Homeowners all over the world are after building a home with eco friendly features and reducing their carbon footprint. Green plumbing is an excellent alternative for people interested in eco friendly living. The term green plumbing commonly refers to domestic water usage reduction, recycling of used water, and achieving these goals utilizing sustainable materials. Green plumbing techniques can be adopted by any homeowner by implementing the following ideas.

Your bathroom and kitchen are two areas of your home that can benefit the most from green plumbing ideas. There are many commercial solutions to available to reduce water consumption in a household. In order to reduce the use of water in your bathroom, you may install a low flow toilet, a dual flow toilet, and a low –flow shower head. Households that are serious about water conservation may do away with using washing machines and opting for hand washing their clothing items. Another eco-friendly plumbing initiative is to recycle water used in baths and showers. This process of eco-friendly bathroom plumbing is technically known as the Gray Water Collection system. This system ranges from using simple techniques such as using a bucket each time the shower is used to elaborate methods like using a separate collection tank. This water can then be utilized for gardening and other domestic cleaning requirements.

Kitchens are yet another area where a huge amount of water is used. It is possible to ensure reduction of water usage in kitchens by making use of water heater regulators, low-flow faucets, and water pressure regulators. Also, if used properly, home appliances like dishwasher require less water and energy compared to hand washing.

Lots of water is wasted when we wash fruits and vegetables by holding them under a running flow of water. Instead, you may take a water filled pan to wash all your vegetables and fruits. The residual water left after washing can be used for gardening.

Rain water harvesting is not only a great alternative to green living, but can also make a household self reliant in terms of its water usage. Similarly, you can opt for solar water heating units instead of gas or electric operated systems to reduce your carbon footprint.

Always remember that green living is more about building responsible habits than anything else. For example, one can easily restrict the number of times he/she uses the toilet flush. Conduct a thorough examination of your plumbing system on a regular basis to make sure there are no leaking faucets and taps in your house. Even one leaking point may lead to serious water loss.

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Written by Tanya Klien

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