Cure for Diseases? Plumbing In, Vaccines Out!

Anyone and everyone who owns a toilet and clean drinking water should be thankful right now. Why you ask? Well unlike many people in India who are not privileged with having toilets or access to clean drinking water, are facing adversity. Why? Well think about it. If you don’t have access to a toilet then you would have to be dumping your own human waste somewhere. The cleanest way to do that would probably be by burying it. But who would really want live that kind of life. Well people, some are living it as we speak, which cries for injustice. This scenario is just not right. Also, if you don’t have access to clean drinking water that has to spark a warning sign. No clean drinking water and having to be exposed to disposing human waste. Those are two things you won’t want in the same sentence.

No wonder India is at high rates for being contaminated with Polio disease. This was in 2009. As of 2014 there have been no cases. Indians were receiving a high amount of vaccines due to their populous country. Statistics state that $ 9 billion was spent on a vaccination health campaign. If that doesn’t strike help, I don’t know what does. The matter is that vaccines are being pushed onto civilians who don’t have access to clean drinking water or access to a toilet, which is understandable, because this is not sanitary. But the new story is that vaccines are the objects doing the damage to individuals. There have been many cases of vaccines doing damage. Hence, causing harm and death, which was clearly not expected. A disease outside from Polio (NPAFP) stands for non-polio acute flaccid paralysis. It represents those vaccinated. It is an illness that is two times as toxic that is caused by the moving, destabilized, polio viruses that are in the vaccine. Now how ironic is that?

According to the (WHO) World Health Organization, they anticipated every 2 per 100,000 people in India would get NPAFP. But they were off as it is every 12 per 100,000. And in terms of the amount of actual cases of the disease, there have been 53,563 cases. That is not a number that should be overlooked. So what’s the answer then? The answer according to plumbers is to advance India’s water transportation and better India’s cleanliness and hygiene. It would be much more successful and less costly. Spending $9 billion dollars on a health campaign is definitely too much.

So the reality is to not throw or force vaccines on people who are suffering without the luxuries of clean water. It might some like an easy fix, but evidently it has made things worse. The truth is that vaccines time and time again have pollutants like aluminum and mercury. So you can see why many people would be against vaccines and why there is so much controversy surrounding it. The other reality is that if you choose to still forego taking vaccines there will be precautions and that you will have to go the extra step in order to not catch diseases. You would have to maintain a hale and hearty diet, work out, keep your stress levels low, and get a good nights rest. Some might not mind doing these steps, because maybe they already incorporate them in their daily lifestyle, but maybe some don’t want to partake in the extra work. At the end of the day it is your choice. Whatever decisions you make in life you know the potential consequences and stakes in the end.

At the end of the day the people we should be thanking for the longer life expectancy are plumbers. I bet if you ask most middle class people or who are well off they wouldn’t say. “Oh I am so lucky that I have a toilet, and that I don’t have to dump my own human waste.” Well people, be happy that you have clean drinking water and a toilet. There are so many people that get overlooked in today’s society for their hard work and it’s evident that plumbers are one of them. They are the experts and they do the dirty work; they should at minimum get the credit and praise.

If anyone has been vaccinated they should consider doing a detox. There are actually certain foods that you can eat that will detoxify your body. In addition, you can look up online how to stay unaffected to diseases. Staying healthy is very important and key to longevity. Canadians are probably the luckiest as we have access to free healthcare. It is unfortunate that these third world countries have to go through tragedies like this, but the reality is that every country is run differently and functions differently according to their governments and population. The fact is also that Canada has a population of approximately 36,286,378 versus India that has a much larger population of 1,328,864, 313. Countries like India and China are overpopulated and they lead and are more likely to develop health issues. The poverty rate in Canada versus India differs largely due to these circumstances, but of course matters are being taken to lessen the damage as stated.

Written by Tanya Klien

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