Doing It Yourself – Don’t Raise the Stakes, Call a Professional

For many, plumbing can be a stressful and time-consuming problem in the home. If your drains are clogged or frozen or your water heater is broken it could take days before the problem is solved, especially if you attempt to do it yourself. Hiring a professional can seem like a waste of money because they are paid by the hour and labor costs usually exceed material costs, however, this is not always the case. The largest the scope of your home project or repair the more likely you will need to hire a professional in order to ensure you are not doing further damage to the water system in your home.

Hiring a professional will almost certainly minimize errors and maximize the desired results for your project. A plumbing expert can also spot additional problems you may not be privy to. For example, a professional plumber could spot mold that may be invisible to those who have no experience working with water pipes and interior tubing. Professionals will also keep your project on schedule and on budget. Once you have been given an estimate it is also in the plumber’s best interest to match that estimate as closely as possible by the time the project is finished. If you try to do the project yourself you could be spending hundreds of extra dollars on materials you don’t need.

Of course, there are some instances when calling a professional is not necessary. However, considering the scope of the project is important before your make any decisions regarding doing it yourself or calling a professional. Replacing a faucet, replacing a washing machine hose or repairing toilet hardware are things that can be easily managed by even the least experienced of homeowners. These projects have little to do with the complete water system of your property and more to do with aesthetics or hardware that is replaceable with items that can be found at any major hardware or home improvement chain.

When the scope of the project involves multiple rooms, expensive/large appliances, water lines, gas lines, renovations, etc. It is important to understand that calling a plumber will most likely save you time and money in these instances. In renovations, your plumbing issue might be a small part of a larger project. However, you may need permits for these kinds of jobs that an untrained professional would have never known about. It is also imperative for your safety and your family’s safety. Hiring a plumber during renovations will guarantee the installations are done correctly and everything is intact.

Another instance where it is important to call a plumber is the times when the water flow needs to be shut off. When toilets or drains clog it may be necessary to turn off the water. Homeowners can rent or buy products in order to shut off easier projects like the water flow to the kitchen sink for example. However, professional plumbers should handle large water connections in order to ensure a leaky pipe or a burst pipe is not the result. If you are unsure of which water line to turn off from the beginning it would be wise to call the plumber and leave the system alone.

Many people decide to take it upon themselves to install a sprinkler system. If you do not call a professional your drainage and your yard may have severe issues in the future. This type of project should include two professionals; a landscaper to inspect the property and ensure you have the proper permits as well as a plumber to install and make sure the water supplies reach each sprinkler correctly. Your sprinkler's performance impacts the health of your lawn, so it’s important to hire the proper people. When considering any exterior plumbing projects it is important to contact a professional. Water lines and pipes underneath your yard can connect to the municipal water system. If there is an issue from an earthquake or ground shifts the city will most likely be aware and fix the problem. Excavating the ground yourself and trying to repair the issue is asking for troubles.

Homeowners enjoy taking care of their homes as a point of pride. However, in cases regarding plumbing, it is important to be safe rather than sorry. Calling a professional will keep your project on schedule, on budget, and on course for a successfully completed home-repair project.

Written by Tanya Klien

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