Drain Toronto Explains Drainage Swales

Anta Plumbing explains that drainage swales are simple ditches that are used to guide water away from the foundations of the house. They are usually overlooked but their importance cannot be stressed clearly enough. Moreover, they are inexpensive construction projects that can save you from huge costs in the future should problems with the foundation arise. Water sipping through the soil to the house foundation can have devastating effects on your house, as well as your wallet, but one easy project can help you avoid such hassles. The good thing is that they can be installed very easily and a drain Toronto expert will only be too happy if you call them for the job.

Installing a swale can also be a DIY job. The first thing to consider is whether your home actually needs a swale. The best way to check for this is to inspect the area about one hour after rain has poured. If there is a stagnant pool less than 10 feet from the foundation of the house then there is need for a swale. The water can exert pressure on the soil that can then transmit the pressure to the foundation of the house, and that can lead to cracks in the foundation reducing its stability.

The drainage swales require close to no maintenance at all and they also do not affect the outdoor landscaping of your house since they fit right in with the grass and are not difficult to mow. The swales should also slope downwards and on flatter yards they should be deeper the longer they get. As you dig out the trench is it is also important to slope its edges gently so that the swale is well hidden under the grass. Also, to make it very noticeable, ensure that the swale is very wide as it comes closer to the last drainage position. It is also important to ensure that nothing is in the way of the swale blocking the flow of water.

The only thing you will have to do as a homeowner is to ensure that the grass covering the swale is well watered for proper growth to maintain the levelness of the lawn. Expenses can be incurred with foundation repairs, but with such easy projects, such expenses can be avoided. The fact that they do not interfere with the general look of the lawn is a great plus. Although not to be expected, a problem with the swale should be left for drain experts as those from drain Toronto especially if you cannot exactly trust your DIY skills.

Written by Tanya Klien

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