For a Dry Basement

Wet basements can be very inconveniencing not just because they can be unsightly but also because fixing the whole mess can be quite cumbersome. There are however some preventative measures one can take to ensure that they have a dry basement all year long

One has to ensure that the gutters are clean especially during fall when leaves scatter all over the place. Gutter guards can also come in handy to ensure that the leaves do not collect in the gutters. Also it is important to check them when there is a heavy downpour to make sure that they are not leaking or even overflowing. It is important that the gutter connections are water tight so that the gutters are functioning properly. Gutters which are in good working condition direct the flow of water efficiently and thus they reduce the risk of wet basements. Although the maintenance of gutters can be carried out personally, there are some good service companies such as drain Toronto which can do the job on your behalf.

Downspouts are other potential weak points and ideally should be directed onto sloping land about 15 feet away from the foundation of your house. Ensure that they are on the land surface and not buried or even connected to drywells. This is because the drywells get filled up easily and when full they will spill all of the rain water just next to the house. Moreover, connecting the gutters to sewers is a great no-no since should they back up you will end up with an extremely nasty situation on your hands.

A great investment for your basement will be an automatic dehumidifier which controls the amount of moisture in the basement and helps prevents the problems that can arise from excess humidity. A good dehumidifier will be one that comes with a drain hose and a de-icer. The de-icer will work to ensure that the dehumidifier does not freeze while the hose will ensure that the water remains collected at all times and drains out. If for instance the collection pan is completely filled up then there is the chance that the dehumidifier will stop functioning but the drain hose will kick in to ensure that the dehumidifier works as it is expected to.

There is of course so much more you can do to keep your basement dry and expert advice from drain specialists like those in drain Toronto will be very useful.


Written by Tanya Klien

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