Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

Today, we decided to turn your questions over to our master plumber, who knows the answers to all your plumbing-related issues. Clogged drains, frozen pipes, and other, more technical issues are no match for the City of Toronto licensed plumbers who work at Anta Plumbing.

Client Question # 1: Loud Noise in Plumbing

Hi. Every time we open the faucet, a loud water noise fills our house. We have 3 bathrooms, one in the basement and on the second floor. It makes a loud thumping noise whenever the shower tap is turned. There is also a hissing noise and clanking in the pipe.

Master Plumber Answer: You Need a New Cartridge!

Most often, the noise you describe is caused by a problem with the cartridge of the shower valve and it is really common. Replacing the cartridge should resolve the problem. You may need a specially designed cartridge, however, not always and you shouldn't need a new valve (we call the faucet a valve). As for cost, it really depends on the model and brand, but it ranges from around $50-$100. If you have a common type, the plumber should have a spare cartridge on his truck, so it should be repaired in one trip.

Ideally, you should let a professional plumber sort this out for you.

Client Question #2: Bathroom Fixtures Overflow

When I run my connected washing machine, the toilet bubbles and my shower overflows. Why is that?

Master Plumber Answer: There Must Be a Blocked Drain on the Main Line

If the lowest plumbing fixture overflows when a water-using appliance drains, it could mean one of three things:

1. the septic tank needs to be pumped
2. there's a break in the sewer outside the house
3. there's a blocked drain somewhere.

Client Question # 3: Slow Draining Shower

My shower seems to be draining very slowly. I have used chemical drain cleaners and it works for a while but blocks again soon after. What can I do?

Master Plumber Answer: Several Options

Liquid Plumbers are cheap because they don't work. We warn our clients against it all the time as we have seen it shoot up unexpectedly, causing burns and damaging the site. Do you have long hair? It could be that your hair is causing persistent clogs. If yes, buy a cheap drain trap to catch falling hair before it goes down the drain.

You could also get rid of clogs deep down the sewer by hiring a small power snake. If that still doesn't work, call Anta Plumbing to schedule a video drain inspection. It could be you have roots blocking your drains.

Client Question # 4: Dripping Faucet in Bathroom

My bathroom faucet drips, but only when another faucet is turned on, or when the toilet is flushed. Why is that?

Master Plumber Answer: Loose Washer

It seems like a loose washer. When no other faucet is using water, the pressure holds it down. However, when another faucet runs, the reduced pressure allows it to rise up slightly. It is not a big problem, but if it bothers you, please give the office a call so that we can sort it out for you.

Thank you for your questions, dear valued clients. Our City of Toronto licensed plumbers loves serving you.

Written by Tanya Klien

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