Home Improvement 101: Building relationships one house at a time

Our homes; they are our prized possessions. Our parents or we put a lot of money, time and care into them. But of course as time goes on things change, we come faced with unexpected opportunities, where we are forced to move. So what does this mean for our current homes? Time to sell. Of course when people sell their homes they want to sell for the best price they can. If you are thinking of selling your home you may want to consider increasing the value by incorporating these tips.

HGTV can provide you with some great tips that I will go into detail with. Probably one of the easiest ways you can boost the value of your home is by repainting. It changes the overall effect and presence of your home. Maybe you want to liven it up, if you have a boring colour like white. Neutral colour are probably the best way to go, because you don’t want to go too funky with colours keeping in mind you want it to match with furniture and décor.

Cutting energy costs is a tip most people wouldn’t think of. Creating an energy efficient home is important, because it will save you money in the mean time and it will make your home a greater asset on the market. Is your current home lacking landscaping finishes? For example lack of plants and gardening? Interlocking? You should consider sprucing it up. It will make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your home.

Related to the outside of your home keeping up with the maintenance of your lawn is crucial. When you walk or drive by a home and you see the lawn is not cut, is looking yellow, has patches, and lots of dandelions does that look appealing at all to you. Sounds like laziness to me. Obviously increasing the value of your home is going to mean you putting in the time, money, effort and energy. Hiring a lawn company to help maintain your lawn will save you a headache and it won’t cost you too much money.

Probably one of the most obvious things to do that will help make your home sparkle is maintaining its cleanliness. If your having trouble keeping it clean on your home you can consider hiring a cleaning service. Who would even be interested in buying your home if it’s not in tiptop clean shape? Some people are huge clean freaks so this is could be a significant factor in whether someone wants to buy your home or not.

You can easily increase the size of your home by getting rid of old junk in your home that you don’t need that is cluttering everything up. The more space the better. You could try replacing drapes with blinds. Having sunlight seep through your home makes it feel warmer, big and open.  Bathrooms in homes probably sometimes get forgotten, because they are the smaller rooms of homes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t matter.

If your bathroom is particularly even smaller it’s probably very important that you consider remodeling it, by possibly putting in a more updated faucet or sink, redoing in the tiling, and simply adding new bathroom accessories like soap dish, or towels. Make it feel welcoming.

HGTV includes much more tips and advice, but the last one I’m going to mention is the kitchen. Probably one of the most important rooms in the house, considering most of the time is spent in there. If someone purchasing your home really enjoys cooking you will probably want to consider updating your appliances. Maybe getting a stainless steel fridge, or changing your cabinets. Making sure to match everything accordingly is important for the overall interior and design.

According to The Big Story, more Americans are or have been remodeling their homes in 2016. News projected that costs on remodeling and repairs has risen 8.6 percent in 2016 to $310 billion. The supplementary costs would probably supply to increase financial growth, which would evidently construct more occupations for construction workers.

Written by Tanya Klien

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