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How do I tell if something is in my drain?

Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing issues homeowners and plumbers face daily. In fact, it's the cause of 90% of our after hours emergency plumbing call outs. It usually takes a while for buildup inside the pipes to turn into a major clog, but if you're vigilant, you may spot some symptoms that indicate a clog soon enough to deal with it before it causes a messy problem. When you suspect a sewer drain clog, have it confirmed and repaired by a professional as soon as possible.

As with everything in life, prevention is better than cure, so avoid putting anything inappropriate down the drains, and schedule an annual power drain cleaning with Anta Plumbing.

Let's look at the signs of blocked drains

Sewers work with gravity. That means that when the normal route is blocked, there's nowhere for the water to go but back up.

One of the first things you will noticed when your drain is blocked, is that you bath tub, sink, shower and toilet drain slower than usual. When the blockage is very bad, it may not drain at all. In most cases, when only one fixture drains slowly, that's usually the one with the issue. If all the fixtures drain slowly, you probably have a main drain blockage.

Most often, running water in one of these drains will cause it to push up into the others. Water will probably rise in the manholes too. This is serious, and will require a professional plumber's magic touch.

Your plumbing will likely sound different to usually. You may hear gurgling sounds when you flush the toilet and similar sounds may come from the pipes, plug holes and drains. This gurgling sound is caused by the air trapped inside the pipes. When the pipes are used, the air is displayed and pushed up through the pipes.

A wet lawn with plants growing near the sewer line can also indicate a blocked sewer. If a puddle appears on your lawn, it is a great idea to call in a professional plumber. Roots from trees and plants around the sewer line can cause severe damage to your underground water lines and sewers. However, a professional plumber can advise on this and help you find a solution.

Sometimes, debris inside the drains will begin to rot, causing a foul odor. It's possible that you will smell the rot before any of the other symptoms appear. That is usually a good time to call the professional plumbers to take a look. Dealing with a plumbing problem as soon as you're aware of it is a great way to avoid high repair costs and damage to your property.

When you have a sewer drain clog, it is important to avoid using your home's plumbing system until the problem is cleared.

Regular drain cleaning is a great way to prevent having to deal with the mess of clogged and overflowing drains. Contact Anta Plumbing for our powerful hydro jetting service, which will remove tree roots and clogs and restore your drains to optimal functioning.

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