How to Clear Your Clogged Drain With a Wire Coat Hanger

Household drains clog from time to time - it's just one of those things. Fats, oil and grease, soap, hair and other debris enter the drain, creating a film that sits on the inside of your pipes. After a while, the drains will start taking longer to empty out, and eventually, clogs will form. How do you fix your own drain, rather than having to call the professionals?

Professional master Toronto plumbers from Anta Plumbing have many tricks up their sleeves and this is one of the easiest DIY fixes for a clogged drain. We understand that most homeowners don't own drain snakes and other specialized plumbing equipment, but almost everyone has a wire coat hanger somewhere in the back of a closet. Using a wire coat hanger, you can clear most clogs without having to disassemble the drain or using harsh chemicals. Keep reading to find out how you can clean your drain using a coat hanger.

Step 1

Unwind the looped end of the wire from the hook using needle-nose pliers and straighten out the hanger as much as you can.

Step 2

Create a nub by folding about a quarter inch of one end of the wire coat hanger onto itself. It's probably ideal to use the hook, which should be more flexible, as it won't have kinds like the twisted end has. Use the pliers to create the nub.

Step 3

Cut off about an inch from the scratchy part of your hook. Looping the tape, remove the backing material from the sticky side and onto the nub you created. Now wrap the material around itself to create a pad on your wire coat hanger.

Step 4

You are now ready to use your homemade wire coat hanger drain snake to clear your drains. Simply wiggle the snake around inside the drain as you push the snake downward. When you feel that you have reached a clog, lift it out gently. Shake any clogged materials off into the trash before pushing the snake back into your drains. Repeat the process until the clog is removed.

Step 5

Run the hot water to rinse the drain area and to ensure that the clog has indeed been removed. If it has - well done. If not, repeat until it is cleared.

Step 6

Use an antibacterial household cleaner to sanitize the bath, shower, sink or toilet when you are done.

If the coat hanger method doesn't work, try one of the following methods:

Rinse the drain with 1/3 cup baking soda and 1/3 cup vinegar.
Use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to remove the clog.
Pour boiling water into the drain to dissolve any congealed fats or oils.
Dish detergent will also dissolve congealed build-up inside the pipes.

If all the above still doesn't help, consider trying all of the above, with the addition of a plunger.

Still no joy? It's possible that the clog is deep inside the pipe, possibly behind the wall. There's only one option, and that's to call the pros. Anta Plumbing employs some of the best drain specialists in all of Toronto for your drain cleaning needs.

Written by Tanya Klien

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