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How to get your Plumbing Ready For Spring

Can you feel it? Spring is in the air! It's been a long, cold winter and it's finally time for a good plumbing inspection to ensure that everything is in shape for spring and summer. Basic plumbing system maintenance at the right time will help you to identify any defects that may turn into costly repair work if it goes unchecked.

Most of your plumbing problems only become noticeable when the ice melts. Ice is, after all, the biggest enemy of your plumbing system, as it wreaks havoc on your pipes, hose bibs, and sump pump.

Let's look at what you can do to get your plumbing system in tip-top shape for spring:


1. Perform a visual inspection of your property

Identify any obstructions that might prevent remaining snow and upcoming rain from draining away, including:

sump pump discharge line


2. Test your sump pump.

Sump pit Sump pumpBasement flooding is very common at this time of the year, because when the snow melts and when it rains, stormwater drains can back up into basements. The purpose of a sump pump is to remove excess water from the basement, and divert it away from the house. However, if your sump pump malfunctions, this important function cannot happen. This would be a good time to test your sump pump and ensure that it has backup battery power in the event that the electric power goes out.


3. Test your indoor plumbing by turning on all your faucets to test for pressure and temperature.

A blockage or leak somewhere in the supply line could cause a weak stream. It's possible that there is ice in your pipes and that it will thaw soon enough.


4. Inspect your outdoor plumbing for damage or leaks.

When water freezes, it expands and can case hose bibs on the outdoor faucets to crack. It is a bit soon to turn on the outside water, but a visual inspection should give you a good idea as to whether your outside plumbing will need repair. Once the temperatures are a bit higher, you can turn the outside water back on and do a proper inspection.


5. Flush your water heater.

Spring is a good time to book a water heater flush. It should be performed once a year, because it will remove any sediment from the bottom of your tank to enhance efficiency and prolong your water heater's lifespan.

6. Schedule a professional pipe inspection.

By calling in the professional plumbers for a pipe inspection, you can rest assured that your sewer system and drains are clean and in good working order. They will also check for any leaks, burst pipes, blockages and other issues, and apply the appropriate fixes.

Here at Anta Plumbing, we have been doing spring plumbing checkups for nearly 30 years. We know pipes, drains and water heaters and we know the Toronto weather. You can trust our team of master plumbers to keep your plumbing healthy all year long. Call us today to schedule an inspection.

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