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How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel that Keeps Your Plumbing System Safe

When renovating the Kitchen, the plumbing system must be put in check. Kitchen renovations should never be an afterthought because it can cost a lot of money.

According to a survey conducted by Statista, “26% of respondents are budgeting $25,000 to $50,000 U.S. dollars for their kitchen renovation.” The results further revealed that the average cost of renovating a kitchen is $5,000 U.S. dollars or less.

A Kitchen remodel plan would not be ideal without a well-designed water supply system to keep the plumbing system safe.

It is important to check if everything works correctly or not, otherwise, you will find your plumbing system in an unfavorable situation.

If you resort to a bad water supply system, this will affect your plumbing system and lifestyle needs.

For example, imagine if your kitchen is overflowing especially when you plan to go to work or visit a friend. Obviously, nobody wants to do this at all. That's why a well-designed water supply system is important to plan for safety of your plumbing system.

Checking the sanitary elements especially during winter

Winter, of course, does great damage to the water supply system. In fact, when the winter finally disappears, people think it's time to relax. Do not!

Now is not the time to rest. Due to the continuous freezing elements of the water in the kitchen, these elements sometimes start to flow in the winter -- because more freezing does not lead to longer ice-water and flat water, which flows easily through the escape.

Most healthcare companies, TPG specialists recommend checking the kitchen tubing, faucets, water pipes, water heaters, swimming pools, and sewer lines for a leak in the first place.

Make sure you check every element of the water pipe that touches the water inside the kitchen during remodeling to keep plumbing system safe.

Reset the pressure regulator

Too high or too low water pressure in the winter is not acceptable. Because the low water pressure reduces the amount of water when more is needed, and the high-pressure water leads to flooding within the kitchen.

If any of the situations you are facing, or are likely to encounter looks similar, then obtain your pressure regulator with the help of an emergency plumber to keep your plumbing system safe.

It should be noted that the water pressure in the kitchen should not exceed 60 pounds per square meter inch, but not below 40 PSI. And the situation can cause big problems, like a dry day or an explosion of pipes causing problems in the plumbing system.

Disconnection of the main valve

Among the list of kitchen remodel plans you have, it’s important to consider closing the main water supply valve before leaving the kitchen within a certain period of time during kitchen remodeling.

First, make sure you have asked your plumber about the installation of your main water valve. It can be configured inside or outside, more than that, get to know how to disconnect the valve.

If you’re unable to completely close the valve yourself, do it with the help of a professional plumber.


Summer, for whatever reason, can give us such power to cook at home more than ever, which, unfortunately, can be bad for removing garbage.

Although it is considered organic and biodegradable, you should be very careful what you throw into your built-in garbage dump inside the kitchen.

You might want to break large pieces of food fragments into smaller pieces to avoid damaging the blades to ensure the safety of the plumbing system.

Sewage line

Precipitation is common even in summer, which can lead to rainwater entering the drainage pipes through small cracks.

Spring can also feed on growing plants, and their roots are likely to cause even more cracks in their pipes and, ultimately, more water enter their sewer line of the kitchen.

This situation can lead to the fact that your sewer line will recede, which is one of the reasons why you do not want to ruin your plumbing system.

Installation of the sump pump

This is the time of the day's advice: install the sump pump, if you have not already done so. The winter season is well-known for flooding basements due to the extra water that is sent to your path.

Sump Pump helps to avoid these huge water conditions that can destroy the plumbing system during remodeling.

If possible, you should call your plumber. They can give you some tips and advice to keep your entire water supply system at the freezing point to avoid destroying your plumbing system.

They can offer you an insulated shirt to take out when you pull out the hose. They provide advanced crane installation services that work well during the winter season.

However, it is also vital to protect the connection within your kitchen. Some kitchens already have shut-off valves. You must use it to drain the water in pipes that are outdoors.

Maintain the temperature of your kitchen

A professional plumbing company will also give recommendations to maintain the temperature at 55 degrees inside so that the pipes do not freeze.

You should also open the cabinet doors under the sinks so hot air can circulate and prevent the pipes from freezing or shrinking to avoid destroying your plumbing system when remodeling your kitchen.

Garage doors and ventilation holes should also be turned off, as cold temperatures can enter. Water drainage should also be carefully controlled before lowering the temperature.

You must make sure that the sewage line is working correctly. The plumbers also direct it to protection against drainage and obstruction, which limits the intensive use of drainage.

They help you use a high-quality, effective drain cleaner every week and mix it with baking soda and salt, hence, keeping your system safe during remodeling.

Check if a water pipe is necessary for each system of the water supply in the house

Regular maintenance is an important aspect of the domestic water supply system.

During this task, the plumber checks the health and safety of drinking water and sewerage and the septic system, including pipes, fittings, drains, taps and traps. After the inspection, they will write reports and offer suggestions for repair or improvement of the water supply system.

Most plumbers use chemicals when inspecting the kitchen to ensure the safety of the plumbing system during remodeling.

There is a possibility that part of the substance will accumulate in the pipes, which can lead to clogged drainage. By adding a certain natural and safe drain cleaner, the plumber can break and clean the pipes.

These purifiers for drainage contain natural microbes that perform the action of destructive substances.

These cleaners are safe and more resistant to temperature changes, in particular, to freezing, which allows pipes to flow freely, and this can get rid of odors and organic matter. A natural drain cleaner does not contain harmful and abrasive chemicals or strong perfumes.

Regular cleaning is necessary for the proper operation of your lubricating trap to prevent the accumulation of fat. During the inspection of the water pipe, a dirty fat trap is detected, and an oil vacuum cleaner can be used to clean and deodorize the oil trap.

Urinal cream is formed by solid calcium deposits accumulated in the walls of the pipeline, which require efficient maintenance or replacement of the pipe.

When inspecting the plumbing system, the plumber can solve this problem with a urinal cleaner. This cleaner removes a bad odor and destroys the crystallization inside the drains.

Maintain your Septic Tank

The septic tank requires regular maintenance to ensure they are functioning properly. Bacteria are used in each septic tank to break up solid particles, which will lead to a smooth passage of the system.

Proper maintenance of this tank will improve the durability of the kitchen sink drain system, as shown below:

During the inspection, the plumber can add a septic tank activator powder that will disintegrate the waste that prevents clogging in the septic line.

Checking the water pipe is necessary to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the water supply system. When a plumber checks the system, if he finds a problem, even if it is simple, it can become more complicated if it is not fixed.

Therefore, the use of chemical products to solve the problem becomes mandatory; otherwise, it can develop into more serious problems.

All these factors make the inspection mandatory for verification annually and guarantee the correct operation of the system.


Most of the time, it’s a good idea to insulate your kitchen for proper heating. It not only works effectively on cranes, drains, and pipes, but also keeps the internal temperature warm.

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