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Ideas for Small Bathrooms within Your Budget

All of us want a luxurious bathroom for our homes. However, achieving the same is not always possible due to space and budgetary constraints. It is only possible to build a large and spacious bathroom if your house is customized as per your preferences. Luckily, you can design your bathroom with elegant design in spite of limited space and budget. We often come across clients who have recently shifted to a new house that has a small bathroom. Mentioned below are some tips to design its interior for a complete makeover.

At the very beginning, please remember that you must not compromise on the functional aspects of the bathroom for its decoration. Ideally, your small bathroom should consist of every element found in a larger one, within a smaller area. Successful designing of a small bathroom within an affordable price is all about making smart use of different colors, accessories, and tiles. You can implement the following techniques to make your small bathroom look larger.

Color: Judicious use of colors is a key element in any type of home decoration. Use of proper colors can add space to your small bathroom. Always use light colors for the small bathrooms because these colors reflect light in large amounts. This will make your small bathroom look much larger. In addition to walls, use light colors for all your flooring and bathroom accessories.

Design with Simplicity: It is always better to use simple design for the smaller bathrooms because otherwise, it may give a cluttered look to the bathroom. Use simple design for the wallpaper patterns you use for walls. The same applies for your floor’s tile pattern.

Use of Tiles: It is advisable to use large tiles in a small bathroom because it adds extra space to it. It provides a seamless look because these tiles require less grout. It is also possible to make the bathroom look larger and higher by using the same tiles for the walls and doors.

Accessories: One of the key factors that determine the overall space in a bathroom is the placement of accessories. Avoid using unnecessary accessories if you have a small bathroom. Make maximum utilization of space by hanging all storage facilities on wall. Space can also be saved by putting the storage cabinets below the sink.

Lighting: Good lighting always makes a small space look larger. Just over your bathroom sink,  install a large mirror, so that light is reflected in all directions to make your bathroom look larger.

These simple tips are extremely necessary if you want your small bathroom to stand out from the rest. Though bathroom remodeling is not a very critical process, it is better to rely on an experienced plumber for best results.

Written by Tanya Klien

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