Is Your Water Bill Not Adding Up

Have you noticed an increase in your water bill that doesn’t correlate to your usage? If so, you may have a hole in your plumbing.

If your water bill has increased dramatically, but your usage has stayed the same, and you haven’t had any work done on your plumbing, the increase in cost could be caused by a hole in the plumbing.

If left unattended, these small holes can cost you hundreds of dollars in lost water, or thousands of dollars in extreme cases.

When asked if the spike in cost could be related to a hole in the plumbing, the city’s manager of water billing, Anthony Fabrizi, says: “The simple answer is yes.

“A hole the size of a poppy seed can leak 170 gallons in 24 hours, costing $2.59 per day and $310.70 in 120 days. A hole about three times as large wastes 970 gallons daily, costing $14.83 per day and $1,779.49 in 120 days, and a hole just a quarter of an inch in diameter can leak 3,600 gallons in 24 hours, which adds up to $54.71 per day or $6,565.14 over a quarterly bill.

“As you can see, depending on the nature of the leak and flow rate, a leaking toilet (for example where the flapper valve sticks in the open position) may consume several thousands of dollars of water in a 120-day billing period.” Fabrizi says.

However, if your bill shows a dramatic increase one month, and reverts back to normal the following month, the spike in cost is most likely not due to a hole in the plumbing.

So if you’ve noticed your water bill has been increasing for several months, but your usage has stayed the same it might be worthwhile to call Anta plumbing. After all, the cost of having it checked is less than what it could cost if you ignore it.

Written by Anta

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