Know the Factors that Influence Your Water Installation Budget

This post is extremely important for those Toronto homeowners who are looking for an upgrade of their water installation. Unfortunately, in many cases, the cost of Toronto water installation projects exceeds the expected cost by a long way. This happens mostly because additional work requirements are found during the progress of the job. No matter what the identified problem areas of your plumbing system are, the overall project cost is affected by certain factors. Being well aware of such factors will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and plan your water installation project in advance.

Pipe replacement is one of the major unexpected expenses for any water installation projects in Toronto. Many of the readers of this post may not be aware of the fact that lead or galvanized steel pipes are used in many Toronto homes to bring water in your building. The city authority is in the process of replacing all lead pipes because otherwise, there is a serious risk of lead ingestion for the consumers. Therefore, you can not ignore replacement of lead pipes during your water installation upgrade. Ask your plumbing contractor to include replacement of your part of the pipe while preparing a quotation. After you have replaced your part of the pipe, request the city authority to upgrade their section, too.

Be prepared for additional expenses if your drains are not properly maintained. Poorly maintained drains can get heavily affected by your water installation upgrade project. After an upgrade, your water supply system is likely to deliver a much higher water pressure comparing to the past. As a result, there can be water back up within your drains if there are leakages or cracks. Therefore, ask your plumber to check all your drains thoroughly before finalization of your water installation cost.

Water meter installation is another additional source of expense for a new home’s water installation project. This is important for you to comply with the bylaws of the city. Always include water meter installation as part of your overall budget because your water supply will start only after the installed water meter is inspected and approved by a water inspector.

It is a good decision to include different types of necessary equipment during the upgrade of your water supply system. For example, it is certainly a great idea to install a backwater valve and/or sump pump if your house is prone to basement flooding. The city authority provides a rebate for this highly essential equipment.

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Written by Tanya Klien

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