Leaky Decks? Waterproofing is the Solution

Getting a shower while in your garage is not a pleasant experience and that can be as a result of leaky decks. Waterproofing is the solution to ensure watertight decks. A deck coating that is liquid resistant is just what a plumber would order. By doing this, even heavy downpours will not rain inside your house and cause irreversible damage.

The right flashing installation should be put to direct water on the deck towards the drain. This can only be accomplished using custom fitted metal flashing. The walls and deck surface should be fitted with waterproof flashing cut to 90 degrees and fabricated to adhere well onto the deck. The flashing should be fastened so as to ensure the perimeter is secure. The fastening is done to wall studs and floorboards using a power staple. Deck nails used should be galvanized.

The foundation should also be waterproofed. This is done using custom cut plywood that is reinforced and putting the lathe system to begin the deck coating process.

The 5-layers in the deck coating process involve use of cement base for the first Layer, Layer two is the fiberglass, skim coat, texture, and paint from the third, fourth and fifth Layers respectively.

First Layer - Cement Base

A cement base has to be applied to remove unwanted cracks. This base gives the deck strength and also bonds the lathe system/plywood floorboard you had installed. This deck coating should be let to dry slowly.

Second Layer -Fiberglass

Bonded fiberglass makes the second layer. This works just in the same way as surfboards to prevent leaks and sinking. The fiberglass will be plastered so it seals the deck completely.

Third Layer - Skim Coat

The fiberglass needs to have dried before applying the skim coat. The cement coat is intended to give a flat/even surface and protect the third fiberglass layer.

Fourth Layer - Texture

The last cement coat will act as clip deterrent and gives an attractive finish before the painting is done.

Fifth Layer - Paint

This last paint layer will ensure that the deck is watertight and seals in the previous layers. Chose whatever color you want, depending on the color scheme of the house or just preference. With this last step, the waterproofing is done.

This five-layer deck coating process should be carried out by a qualified person who will ensure that the deck waterproofing is done to high standards and with complete satisfaction.

Seek only a professional to conduct your deck waterproofing and enjoy dry and water free decks for a long time to come.


Written by Tanya Klien

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