Plumbing Company Faced with Spam Text Message Lawsuit

A plumbing company now faces a lawsuit over claims of sending unwanted advertising text messages. They has learned that a Superior Court judge in King County, Washington, has certified a class-action court case against the company for alleged text messages regarded as spam.

Over 43,000 Illegal Messages

Beacon Plumbing & Mechanical, covering the Seattle region is well known for the slogan it uses “Stop Freakin’ Call Beacon.” Beacon Plumbing & Mechanical, based in Seattle, could be made to pay penalties to customers if the case against it is successful as  drain services determined.

Over 43,000 illegal messages are the number of texts that the company is accused of having sent to peoples’ cell phones on a campaign to advertise some of their services. The text messages are said, according to the lawsuit, to have been sent starting last March, drain toronto services have learned.


A consumer is allowed to get damages to a maximum of $500 for every illegal message that they are sent, per the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The Superior Court judge’s certification means that the ruling in the case filed against the company will continue as a class action lawsuit.

The law also allows for the amount collected as damages to be increased even to as much as $1,500 for each illegal text message sent, particularly if it is determined that the violation done was willful. In Washington, there is a statute that allows for similar penalties to be imposed upon companies.

Huge Class Action Lawsuits

The company’s case is the second filed in Washington over spam messages that has been certified as a class action. A Seattle federal court judge on November 9 also certified a countrywide class action court case against another company over promotional text messages. The company, Papa John’s International, has also been accused of sending illegal text messages in their promotions and campaigns.

If it succeeds, the company may be forced to pay between $21.5 million to $64.5 million or more, depending on the final ruling. Heyrich Kalish McGuigan PLLC, is the law firm that is representing consumers in the case against Beacon. This is the same firm that is representing the case against Papa John’s International. The sending of unwanted text messages is being fought by consumers taking advantage of penalties that companies will be required to pay.  Drain services will be watching the developments for you.



Written by Tanya Klien

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