Plumbing Expo 2014 to be Held in Toronto

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre is all set to host the 2014 CMPX (Canadian Mechanical and Plumbing Exposition). In this event to be held between the 19th and the 21st of March, over five hundred exhibitors and top industry professionals will participate. The CMPX will be organized by the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating and Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-conditioning Institute of Canada.

The CMPX Show is considered to be the one of the largest trade shows throughout North America for the mechanical and plumbing industry. The objective of this show is to act as a reliable source of information, products, application, and equipment for industry professionals looking to find out information pertaining to the future trends and latest advances in the industry. The five hundred plus exhibitors gracing the show will represent the applications, the innovations, the information, and products that are most likely to define tomorrow’s plumbing and mechanical industry.

Apart from many new products and a new Emerging Technologies Centre, the show will also feature a learning forum. This forum will offer useful programs for people interested in learning the latest industry trends, regulations, and applications. You can not afford to miss this show if you are a mechanical or plumbing contractor, technician, engineer, installer, wholesaler, architect, renovator, manufacturer, manager, or retailer.  The CMPX Show  will also have plenty to offer to the students, teachers, journalists, and government personnel interested in the plumbing and mechanical industry.

Ralph Suppa, the President of the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating said, “Professionals from all walks of the mechanicals and plumbing industries will find Learning Forum topics on the agenda that can offer a beneficial increase in their skill and knowledge base”. It has also been mentioned by official sources that the seminar topics for this year will include head pressure control, hydronics installation, rainwater and greywater challenges, enhanced refrigeration solutions, and radiant heating and cooling for commercial buildings.

As all of you know, the excitement created by new products is comparable to nothing at all. Thousands of such new products will be on display in CMPX 2014. This show is the ideal platform for you if you are business with a new product with excellent capabilities. Without spending anything extra, CMPX 2014 can provide additional exposure to your new product by means of

  • Posting product information and images on the website of CMPX.
  • Press releases will be sent out across North America highlighting your product.
  • All new products will be showcased at the show’s entrance.
  • During this show, you will have opportunities for media kit distribution.
  • Use of appropriate signage to notify about your new product.

There are many lucrative booth packages available for exhibitors starting for $2,500 per booth. This package comprises of standard draped booth, materials handling, storage and return, and exhibitor parking with shuttle bus service.

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Written by Tanya Klien

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