Plumbing Holiday Tips: Care for Garbage Disposals

The constant use of your garbage disposal by many people can really strain it and your Toronto plumbing and drainage system. It’s the holiday season and you will often spend more time cooking for guests, and the kitchen will be your second living room this period.

You can avoid those emergency plumbing calls this holiday season by following these tips for garbage disposal care. You do not want to be gift swapping or having a holiday party and you get floods in your kitchen, backyard or home and other plumbing disasters that may cost you a fortune to have a plumbing company repair or service. Be a smart “plumber” and do preventative plumbing so that problems do not ruin your fun this Christmas and festivities period.

Read the tips below for using the garbage disposal smartly:

  • Avoid Overloading

You may have a lot to put in and made of various materials such as plastics, metals, paper and other items to be disposed of but these items should never go into the garbage disposal. Use it as you should. If it’s full, look for a temporary alternative. Remember to cut any large pieces into smaller pieces before you dispose of them.

  • Avoid Celery, Glass, Bones and Rubber

Do not put in items that will cause damage to the blades of the garbage disposal and interfere with its operation. Sorting and informing people who may also use your kitchen during this time is a good idea

  • Run it Frequently

To keep your disposal working at top efficiency, use it correctly. Before putting any food in, begin by running cold water first and then put the food in. Continue running the water for a few moments after all the food has been washed down the drain. Running it will help to keep the blades of the garbage disposal from rusting and make sure that all the food has been flushed into the drainage system.

If you hear noises and sounds you cannot quite explain, call a plumber company to deal with it. Address the strange noises right away to avoid larger problems that will take longer to solve. Plungers should be on hand just in case your sink, toilet or tub clogs. Ensure you know where the shutoff valve is as you may want to turn the water off if there is an emergency. You should also know where the shutoff valve is so that you can show the plumber if necessary.

A professional plumbers in toronto company should handle all leaks or clogging.


Written by Anta

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