Plumbing Tips to Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

Are you planning to resale your home and looking to increase your home value without spending a great deal of money?  Out of a wide spectrum of  home improvement projects, updating the plumbing system of your home can alone help you receive an increased price for your home. Interestingly,  improving your plumbing system or remodeling of your bathroom and the kitchen is not at all expensive. Described below are some plumbing tips that will help you maximize the resale value of your house.

  • At the very beginning, carry out a thorough inspection of your plumbing system. Always remember that it is not enough to concentrate on the cosmetic improvements of your plumbing system. The value of your home can be negatively impacted by several hidden problems. Therefore, it is important that you hire an experienced plumber if your home is more that ten years old or has an improperly maintained plumbing system. An efficient plumber will easily find out hidden leakages or other minor issues that may turn serious in the long run. Do not forget to check the water pressure of your home.
  • Going green is the latest trend in the real estate market. Therefore, it is important that your home emphasizes on green technology and environment consciousness. You can do your part without spending a fortune by using low flow devices for your faucets and shower heads. Installation of  energy efficient toilets in the bathrooms is another great alternative to increase your home’s resale value.
  • The next important step is to upgrade plumbing fixtures present in your bathrooms and kitchen. Many of the older homes have plumbing fixtures that are inconsistent throughout the house and are more than ten years old. Replacement is the best alternative for such homes. Use fixtures with high –end finishes such as brass, antique copper or bush nickel. These fittings look great but are relatively inexpensive.
  • An expert plumbing contractor can help you turn your bathroom to a luxurious retreat resembling a spa. Consider installing upgraded fixtures, jetted or oversized soaking tubs, or multi sprayer showers to completely change the appearance of your bathroom. These enhancements will certainly prove to be value additions in the long run by enticing more prospective buyers.
  • Tank less water heaters can also prove to be valuable additions to your bathroom. These water heaters are capable of supplying hot water on demand by passing water through a heating element. They save energy to a great extent because they heat water only when hot water is required, rather that heating an entire tank throughout the day. These heaters are also convenient to use.

Follow these tips and you would never have a problem receiving a high price for your old house.

Written by Tanya Klien

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