Twitter Marketing Rife with Plumbing Companies

More than 27,000 plumbing companies can be found on Twitter. Companies offering Toronto plumbing services can also be found on social media. What are all these plumbing companies doing on the platform? And why are they so many?

Why Here?

  • Are companies communicating with their customers on the platform?
  • Do plumbers and their companies offer coupons, offers, specials or deals on the social media site?
  • Are they promoting and branding their businesses?
  • Do they generate any leads from the platform?
  • Do they exploit it to get inbound links directed to their company sites?
  • Are the companies using the platform to connect to followers?
  • Do companies build beneficial relationships with partners?


  • Did the plumbing companies just get on there simply because some marketing company advised them that they had to have an account?

All the points are vital uses of the social media tool, but chances are, plumbing companies got on this social media outlet due to the last reason. Most of these companies may not be getting value on money spent and the ROI is no return on investment at all.

Businesses need to work smart and not hard with techniques and tools that will help get a better ROI. A number of businesses using other social media sites also make similar mistakes of not marketing themselves adequately.


TweetAdder is a Twitter marketing tool that automates marketing efforts. The benefits include that its 100% automated, raises followers and website traffic, improves conversion, searches for key influencers and partners, automates re-tweets, and tweets. The catch is that the tool has to be downloaded from the Internet and set up on one’s computer.

Toronto plumbing service providers and plumbing companies provide related services, such as water services, toilet repair, and installation, waterproofing, hydro-jetting, removal of roots in pipes, cleaning drainage services among others. Established Toronto plumbing companies that already have accounts, or those that have new accounts, can take advantage of this marketing tool, as well as others in the market to get maximum returns.

Techniques and tools used should result in new followers and getting links from key influencers. Getting a key influencer to comment on tweets without being otherwise coerced or persuaded is a great way to tell that marketing campaigns are working. Toronto Plumbers companies and other plumbing businesses should ensure that their social media marketing activities are not a waste of time and money with no fruits to be seen of the hard work that they may have put in.

Written by Tanya Klien

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