Reptiles in your water services?

You’ve all heard the stories about alligators in the sewer systems in bigger cities like New York. While that might not be the kind of problem the average Toronto plumbing expert faces, there are still some interesting stories plumbers face on a daily basis.

An American plumber published a story on Angie’s list in the United States about a poor woman that has frogs in her toilet. When the experts showed up, about all they could do was catch them and let them go. It wasn’t until one of these professionals climbed up on the roof to look down the vent stack that he saw at least a dozen sets of frog eyes looking up at him. He flushed the vent stack with water to solve the problem and the woman in question hasn’t had that kind of reptilian issue since.

Good service is one of the cornerstones of a plumber that’s dedicated to helping their clients with more than just cleaning drains and fixing faucets. Often these are the experts that will go the extra mile for older people or single mothers and the like.

Written by Tanya Klien

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