Save Your Plumbing System from Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a serious concern for any plumbing system and many Toronto households suffer from this problem. Low water pressure is generally caused when more than one plumbing fixtures are turned on at the same time. Regardless of their location, any part of a plumbing system can suffer from a drop in water pressure. In most of these cases, the water pressure appears to be perfect when only one plumbing fixture is used. However, a drop in the flow of water is noticed when a second fixture is used simultaneously.

If you notice water pressure drop in your plumbing network, do not ignore the problem and try to find out the root cause of the problem. Check for obstruction in the shower head if your shower is the only place affected by pressure drop. Also, check if there is a water conservation filter installed in your shower head. There are many factors responsible for water pressure drop across plumbing systems. Determine the cause with the help of a qualified plumber and have the problem rectified.

Malfunctioning of pressure regulators often  results in low water pressure. These bell shaped devices are generally found below a home’s front hose connection. In most instances, the manufacturer presets pressure regulators at 45-60 psi, and they do not require any further adjustment. However, the situation can go wrong completely when the regulator starts malfunctioning. Instead of testing your own plumbing skills, call an experienced plumber because pressure regulators can be replaced easily and inexpensively by them.

As all of you know, water is a non-compressible liquid that tends to transfer pressure horizontally whenever it is kept within a confined space. This is the reason why the elevation of the water storage tank is required to be higher comparing to your home to ensure proper gravity flow.

Lowering of water pressure is also caused by leakages in the pipelines. In order to determine whether you have a leakage problem, shut down all your water taps and take the water meter reading. Take the reading once again after two hours. An increased water usage certainly indicates there  is a leakage in the system.

Sometimes we fail to realize that all of us tend to use a high quantity of water during a certain period of the day known as the peak period. Water pressure drop is common during peak periods, and it may help to alter your schedule slightly.

Mineral deposition within pipelines in almost unavoidable, particularly in older Toronto residents. This is yet another probable reason behind water pressure drop in a plumbing system.

Regardless of reason, always opt for a qualified plumber if you have water pressure related problems. This blog is Toronto’s favorite online platform for all types of plumbing related news and information.

Written by Tanya Klien

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