Servicing Winter water services can be rewarding

It gets cold outside here in Canada and that’s when Anta plumbing experts really show what they’re made of. Whether clients need their drains or sewers looked at, there are always experts on the job that know how important it is to keep the water services flowing and not frozen over.

There are times when that means these experts need to go above and beyond the call. Take the time an plumber needed to climb into the attic of an older women’s house to heat the copper pipes up that has frozen.

“It was so cold my moustache started to freeze but I couldn’t use my torch to warm that up,” he says adding that he couldn’t bring himself to charge for the job when everything was done. He said later that knowing she’d be warm when the real winter weather came and have hot water was reward enough.

Remember that when your water bills are higher than normal you need to consider that there might be a leak somewhere behind the walls. That’s where you need the services of a qualified Toronto plumbers professional since they know how to look after the pipes inside your home and even the ones in the sewers underneath.

Written by Tanya Klien

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