Shocking News About YOUR Septic Tank

A septic tank is like a miniature sewage treatment system that’s most commonly seen in areas that don’t have any connection to sewage lines provided by local corporations or the government. About 25% of North America relies on septic tanks, in primarily rural areas, as septic tanks need a large area of land to drain into.

Periodic maintenance of a septic tank is vital to get rid of the solids not otherwise removed by the tank; this cost is the responsibility of the homeowner and is vital to the maintenance of the septic tank and surrounding areas.

Here’s What You May NOT Know About Your Septic Tank:

Never dump non-biodegradable items – feminine hygiene products, condoms, or cigarette butts – down your drain. These items will quickly clog a septic tank. Instead, throw these items in the garbage.

If you’re not careful, dumping large amounts of grease or oil down your drains can cause blockages inside your septic system. This is a big problem as both oils and grease don’t degrade as easily as other substances and can cause issues with both odor and emptying of your septic system.

Unfortunately, the usage of garbage disposals can cause an overload of the septic system.

Some chemicals you may use to clean your home can actually damage the various parts of your septic tank. Be sure to check the manual of the septic tank or call a Toronto plumber to ascertain what you can and cannot put down your drains.

Be careful to check the area around your septic tank for nearby roots and shrubbery, as these may cause extreme damage to the septic tank.

Overloading your septic system with water can lead to overload and failure of the system.

How Often Do I Need My Septic Tank Cleaned and Inspected?

Anyone with a septic tank should be certain to have regular inspections of the system to ensure that it is working properly. One to three years is the typical length of time a septic tank should be cleaned, although this amount of time will vary with the size of the tank. Be certain to ask your Toronto plumber about the frequency of septic tank cleaning.

Prevention, like so many other things in-home repairs, home renovations, and home plumbing is half of the battle – so be certain to follow ALL manufacturer’s instructions for the care of your septic system. A little bit of maintenance now can save you a whole lot of money in the future.






Written by Tanya Klien

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