Shocking Things You Should Know About Plumbers

Most of us assume that a Toronto plumber knows exactly what he or she is doing, so we don't question their plumbing work unless the bill is too high or we're unsure about the parts that he or she uses. If you learn a bit more about plumbers, you can save yourself some time, energy, and headaches.


What Should Everyone Know About Plumbers?


Licenses – before you hire a plumber to fix that nasty pipe leak or toilet drain, you should make sure that your Toronto plumber is a professional plumber and not just a “handyman.” This can save you and your home lots of costly repairs if the job isn't done correctly.


Training – make sure the person you've allowed into your home to fix your sink is not in training, or at least, with a senior plumber to assist with fixing your leak. When it comes to your stuff, you want to make sure that your pipes are in the hands of professional plumbers.


Specialization – if a plumber comes to your home to fix a leaky pipe or a broken washing machine line, he or she may not be specialized in that area, so he or she may have to call in another plumber to assist. This isn't a bad thing; if a plumber doesn't know how to fix your plumbing problem and says so, you've got yourself a great plumber! Let your plumber call in the specialist.


Parts – most of the time, plumbers use the parts they have with them to fix your broken plumbing. If you have any concerns or doubts about the parts, ask the plumber to let you help to pick out the parts and explain what he or she is doing.


Call Beforehand – if the plumbing problem is an easy fix, any reputable Toronto plumber should tell you that you can fix it yourself and explain how. If he or she does this, you've got the name and number of a plumber you should call back!


It's ALWAYS a good idea to have a plumber you trust to fill all your plumbing needs. Once you've found that licensed toronto plumbers, hold onto the number and dump it into your phone so you can call him or her any time you need help!

Written by Tanya Klien

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