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Should You Buy a Generator?

Touch wood, winter in Canada treated us well this year. We've had less snow than most years, but let's not get too comfortable. Things can still change, and we're still in the rainy season. Freezing rain is still possible, which is why our Toronto plumbers recommend that you keep your generator in good working condition, or, if you don't have a generator, to invest in one now. You may think that winter is nearly over, but sure as the sun, winter comes around every year, and a generator is an investment that can last for years to come.

Life Without a Generator

If the Toronto winter leaves you without power, you will have to make alternative arrangements to keep your groceries refrigerated and to heat your home. You will have to find someplace else to shower. All of these factors can impact your routine negatively. However, these are some of the things you don't need to worry about when you have a generator. Power loss in summer can be uncomfortable, because you can't cool your home at night, but in winter, with sub zero temperatures, power loss can be life-threatening.

Do You Need a Generator?

Should You Buy a Generator
In this post, we discuss the specific reasons why you may need a generator. You need a generator if:

... you live in an area that is prone to ice storms and heavy snowfall. These are two of the main reasons for power loss in winter, as the heavy snow and ice coatings damage power lines, and crews may not be able to resolve issues for long periods of time.
... you or a family has specific medical needs, which requires equipment to work around the clock. If a child or aging adult needs an oxygen supply system, your home power system requires backup.... you live in a low-lying area that is prone to flooding. In this case, a portable generator can help keep your sump pump running to help dry out your home quickly.
... you work from home. An increasing number of our population work out of their homes, and a generator is a great investment in preventing downtime and keeping your business competitive during power failures. ... you'd like to prevent crime at your home. Widespread power outages turn dark neighborhoods into easy targets for criminals. However, if you have a generator to power a few lights and your home security system, your home will be a lot less attractive to burglars. ... you're a contractor. When you work in a remote location, a portable generator can help power your electrical tools.

Don't think that you will have no need for a generator once winter's icy hands turn into lazy summer days. You can take your portable generator along on your summer camping trips, to make them just a little more comfortable. If you're looking for assistance with winterizing your home, or being prepared for the inevitable ice rains, get in touch with Anta Plumbing. Every year, we help with numerous plumbing emergencies that could easily have been averted with proper planning.

Written by Tanya Klien


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