Simple Green Plumbing Options for a Healthier, Cost-Saving Home

Green plumbing and energy-efficient technologies in and around the home are some of the aspects that contribute to a safe, healthy and comfortable living environment. We have come a long way since traditional gallon-guzzler toilets and modern technology enables us to design buildings to be more energy efficient, and to apply changes to existing appliances, plumbing systems and other aspects of the home to make them more economical too.

Plumbing is one of the most flexible systems to use for implementing green strategy, and probably the most effective. Some of the benefits of green plumbing include:

  • reducing the energy costs of your home
  • improving the health of your home
  • saving water
  • reducing your carbon footprint

Most homeowners would love to achieve those outcomes, but it can be difficult to sift through the various options and choosing the best fixtures and designs. That's why we're bringing you this post, with the various green plumbing options available to you.

When it comes to green plumbing design, most people are very worried about the costs, but the truth is that going green will not require a much higher upfront investment than conventional plumbing does. The slightly higher initial outlay is easily offset against the guaranteed reduction in water usage and reduced energy costs. Green plumbing pays for itself over and over again over time.

For people who truly care about the environment, the monthly cost savings are a side issue, with passing on a healthier, better world to their future generations being the overlying priority; one to which one can't put any price.

In the short term, green plumbing will offer the benefits of a healthier home, cleaner water, and in the long term, it will conserve precious water resources for centuries to come.

Here are some of the best green plumbing options to save money, have a healthier home and save the environment:


Placement and insulation highly affect your energy consumption, in that it causes heat loss. Insulating your pipes can help prevent heat loss and reduce your hot water heater's standby energy loss. Removing plumbing from the exterior walls can also help with this problem.

Hot Water Heaters

Replacing your old hot water heater with a modern, high-efficiency model can save around 15% on your energy bill. Even better, you can replace your old system with a new tankless hot water heater, which will save both water and electricity. These nifty systems deliver water, heated to a specified temperature, to your faucet in seconds. However, the system does not heat and reheat water all day and night. Instead, it heats water on-demand. There are several other benefits to tankless hot water heaters, which we told you about in a previous post.

Water Purification Systems

When it comes to green plumbing, you want to be sure that you target the health of your potable water. Different purification systems tackle different issues and that's why we suggest you ask for a copy of the municipal water quality report. Also have your water supply tested independently to find out if there are specific issues that should be addressed. Some of the ways in which you can purify your water supply, include:

Chlorine filters for your shower heads: Many people suffer from chlorine sensitivity, which is often caused by showers. Chlorine absorbed much faster through the skin than through the water we drink.

Whole house filtration systems: By removing micro organisms, particles and chemicals from your entire plumbing system you can make your family healthier, while at the same time increasing the lifespan of your plumbing fixtures and hot water heaters.

Reverse osmosis systems or activated carbon filters: RO systems, installed under the sink, will provide purified drinking water, while activated carbon filters do the same for shower heads and faucets.

Other green plumbing options include:

  • low-flow faucets and showers with flow reducers
  • low-flow dual flush toilets
  • leak monitoring device
  • energy efficient clothes washers and dishwashers

If you are considering green plumbing options for your new home, or if you want to renovate your home, your plumber will be a great source of quality, expert advice.

Written by Tanya Klien

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