Spring Plumbing Cleaning and Maintenance

It is that season again when the flowers are in bloom and the air is warmer and fresher than ever. Along with spring comes the spring-cleaning tradition that apart from marking the start of spring, has a bucket full of benefits. Although the rest of the house gets to enjoy the newfound space, more often than not, the pipes and drains are forgotten, which it should be remembered endured the cold winter like the rest of the house. So while cleaning and de-cluttering, ensure that the plumbing installations and septic systems are taken care of, and here are a few tips to clean as well as maintain them.

Starting with the kitchen and bathroom, the faucets should be checked to ensure that they are not leaking. Hidden leaks in the toilet could go unnoticed and a simple method to spot them would be by adding food color in the tank. If is it leaking, the color seeps into the bowl and that would mean that repairs will be necessary. Next on the checklist would be to check that the strainers in the drains fit perfectly, to prevent solid materials or hair from draining and clogging the pipes. The showerhead should also be checked for mineral deposits. One could clean the deposits by soaking it in vinegar, preferably overnight then scrubbing it using an old brush.

Afterwards, one should clean around appliances and check the state they are in, for instance behind the washing machine. Let’s admit it, that place is probably one of the most ignored in the house. Check to ensure that all the dust behind these washers is cleared, as well as all the socks that somehow found themselves there are thrown away. The heaters will also need some maintenance. One can carefully drain out water for the heater’s water tanks so that all the corrosion-causing sediments are removed. All the hoses that supply water to the machines should also be checked for leaks.

Probably the most important part of spring-cleaning is the outside of the house. The yard drains and gutters should be cleaned out and free of any debris. A bird may also have decided to build their nest in one of the plumbing vents, so checking for that would be advisable. Outdoor faucets should be inspected to ensure that the water flows freely and that there are no leaks. Leaks may point to the fact that there is a cracked frozen pipe that would need repair. Spring plumbing definitely does sound like a lot of work, but with a great smelling, leak-free house, it is definitely rewarding. If you find that you need help with a plumbing installation or septic system, don’t hesitate to call a professional.



Written by Tanya Klien

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