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Thanksgiving Tips: How to Avoid Plumbing Emergency This Thanksgiving

We're often so busy during the Thanksgiving Holiday Season, that we take the infrastructure that enables us to enjoy it for granted. With visiting relatives and friends bathing and showering, using toilets, the holidays also place a lot of additional pressure on the plumbing system. That's not to mention all the cooking that's going on. Well-meaning visitors helping with the dishes may not know your house rules, which include scraping fats and oils into the bin, rather than into the garbage disposal.

Plumbing emergencies are caused by use of dishwashers, washing machines, toilets and showers, which is why we at Anta Plumbing continue to offer standby services during the holidays. We know that any drainage problems need to be sorted as soon as possible, particularly when you have a house full of guests. That's why we offer timely, quality and dependable services at fair prices every day, including the Thanksgiving holidays.

Knowing that you have backup from Anta Plumbing is a relief, of course, but it's always best to avoid overflowing toilets, blocked up sinks and other drainage catastrophes. The good news is that you can avoid it. Here's how:

Top 7 Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips

1. If Thanksgiving dinner is as your house this year, get in touch with Anta Plumbing to have your drains and plumbing system inspected ahead of the feast.

2. Avoid letting any cooking oils or fats enter the drains. These substances will congel inside your pipes, drains and joints, creating the perfect environment for hair, food particles and other debris to stick and cause clogs. Rather wipe any grease from your pots and pans using paper towels and dispose of the paper in the bin.

3. Any fibrous, starchy or stringy foods will not break down sufficiently when it enters your garbage disposal. Therefore, it is best to avoid letting celery, fruit, potato peels or poultry skins enter the garbage disposal.

4. Don't wait for the garbage disposal to be filled to the brim before putting it on. Instead. let it run before you insert foods, and run plenty of water. Allow the water to run a little longer once it has stopped grinding before turning it off again.

5. The toilet works harder during Thanksgiving. Don't make it worse by allowing food waste to enter the toilet drain. Hair, cotton swabs or cotton balls, and facial scrub pads can't dissolve, so they should not enter the drain either.

6. Keep your drains running smoothly by asking visitors to wait at least 10 minutes between showers. This will give any waste, hair and oil to move through the plumbing system and dispose of itself instead of clogging up the pipes.

7. Put hair traps in any guest bathroom drains. At shower time, most of us shed hair from our bodies and heads. This is particularly common in women with long hair. Placing hair traps in the bathrooms will help keep hair out of your pipes. .

Don't become a Black Friday statistic by suffering a Thanksgiving plumbing emergency. Prepare while you have a few days left, and save money in the process.

Should you need us this Thanksgiving weekend, you can get hold of Anta Plumbing 24/7 at 416 231-3331

Written by Tanya Klien

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