The Quest For The Perfect Tissue Paper!

Are you unsatisfied with your tissue paper? Is it rough? Too thin? Not soft enough to your liking? Well we apparently won’t have anymore of that. According to the latest with the tissue paper industry, Canada’s tissue makers are presently much nearer to delivering the ideal paper, because of some new acclaimed research. What would we do without scientists and theories these days? They do all the dirty work and we are the ones that get to enjoy the discoveries. But of course they test them and they should feel proud to deliver the best discoveries to society.

UBC mechanical engineering researchers Srikanth Phani, Kui Pan and Sheldon Green.
UBC mechanical engineering researchers Srikanth Phani, Kui Pan and Sheldon Green.

A group working with UBC mechanical building teachers Sheldon Green and Srikanth Phani have made what is likely the primary complete scientific model of creping, the crinkling procedure that makes tissue paper delicate and versatile. It may seem a bit silly and ironic, because what we essentially do with toilet paper is throw it out, and sometimes tear it up, we still want that comfort feeling with tissue paper.

The new model gives an altogether better comprehension of the elements of the creping procedure, permitting producers to tailor the procedure to a more noteworthy degree than before, It’s the most precise model of creping to date. Amid tissue make, mash is dried on a substance covered turning drum until it’s 95 percent dry. It’s then pushed off at high speeds by a sharp creping cutting edge, making many tiny folds that give tissue its delicateness, adaptability, tearing resistance and quality.

With the model, makers can better control of the distinctive components – the chemicals, the mash, the creping edge point, the paper rate etc- to deliver the accurate item review they need, from standard grade tissue to ultra-premium washroom rolls. Who doesn’t admire a great tissue? We always see commercials of toilet paper companies claiming they have the softest tissue. It’s a dog eat dog world out there for companies.

A PhD understudy drove numerical investigations with past reproduction models that were static and didn’t consider the speed and effect of the dryer. The quest for the perfect tissue paper is a top sympathy toward the paper business. Dish’s boss, Srikanth Phani, trusts their work can assist paper firms in this mission. Businesses are on a mission for careful and perfect precision of the best toilet paper.

Canada is a solid player in the billion-dollar worldwide business sector for tissue items including lavatory moves, facial tissues, and cleanliness items. This new research can add to the development of that industry. Evidently, there is a business model for everything, and there are always ways to improve, revolve, and reshape items we use today. If things never changed, then we wouldn’t be evolving and that would make life very boring. It would be like staying at the same job forever. You wouldn’t get to experience life in the best possible way you could. In society we are always looking for ways to improve what we already have, even if there isn’t particularly anything wrong with it. Sometimes, it is just to make things more vibrant. But in this case it is to take something that just isn’t quite at its very best and make it better.


Want to know the latest statistics with toilet paper? The Toilet paper has them for you. What other reasons do we use toilet paper besides the main one we all know of?

Nose Care – 61%

Wiping small spills – 17%

Removing makeup – 8%

Cleaning mirrors – 7

Cleaning a child’s hands/face – 3%

To cover the toilet seat, cleaning glasses

Written by Tanya Klien

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