Tips to Protect Your Home Plumbing System While You are On a Vacation

Well being of their plumbing systems is one of the foremost concerns for homeowners while they plan a holiday far from the cold climate in Toronto. Residents often return from a refreshing holiday only to find their plumbing system in a completely different shape comparing to how they left it. However, the good news is that it is possible to take corrective measures to protect your plumbing system while your are away enjoying your vacation.

Overflow of the plumbing system is the foremost concern in your absence. The best option to prevent overflow is to completely shut down your main water supply while you are away. After closing off the water supply at the source, allow the pipes to run dry by opening all your cold water faucets. This will also eliminate any chances of freezing and bursting of your pipeline in cold weather. Ask for help from a local plumber if you are not able to do this on your own. You may also shut down all the angle stops  present on the pipelines that convey water to your washing machine, toilets, and sinks.

Do not forget to turn off your hot water heater before leaving for a period exceeding two weeks. This will save consumption of energy that is spent on heating of water. Do not hesitate to call a local plumber if you are worried about tank bursting. Most of the advanced hot water tanks are designed to release contents only when water enters the tank. This prevents hot water tanks from burning out. For a residential plumbing system, the best alternative is to power down the heating function making use of vacation setting. This will lower the temperature by not heating the entire volume of water in the tank continuously. Once you return, wait for 2-3 hours before using the water so that it is fully heated.

In certain instances, homeowners find it difficult to shut down their main water supply. Turning off the toilet valves is another alternative for them. Minuscule leaks are often present in the toilets. Though they are unlikely to cause an overflow, they can tremendously increase your residential water usage. Interestingly, this wastage is much less when the toilet is regularly used.

One of the biggest nightmares for Toronto residents while leaving for a vacation is that of a big storm causing flooding.  The chances of flooding can be minimized by proper clearing of the drainage system just before leaving. Remove all debris and make sure that all your outdoor drains are covered adequately. Do not forget to close the water supply to the garden and empty all pipelines.

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