Top 6 Summer Plumbing Don’ts

Summer brings amazing relief from the freezing winter temperatures. Finally, we can open up the pool and enjoy cookouts. The risk of frozen pipes is a thing of the past for now, but summer brings with it its very own brand of plumbing problems, which tend to be just as painful as those that occur in winter. Today, Anta Plumbing brings you a list of summer plumbing tips to keep your home's plumbing system ticking over nicely all summer long.

No. 1 Summer Plumbing DON'T: Don't Yank the Hose

If you enjoy working in the garden, or simply watering your outdoor plants regularly, be sure that you never yank the hose. When you yank the house, it can disengage or break the hose bib. If the shut-off valve breaks, you'd be left with a garden flood, which may well end up damaging your property.

No 2 Summer Plumbing DON'T: Don't Mow the Sprinklers

Summer is all about sunshine and the smell of freshly cut grass. However, while cutting your grass, it is important to remain vigilant about what's under your lawnmower. Cutting off a sprinkler head or a yard clean out drain that is above ground level will have disastrous results. Stay alert and keep your plumbing alive.

No 3 Summer Plumbing DON'T: Don't Leave the Water On When You Go Away

Aaah! Summer vacations and road trips... That's what summer's all about. But be sure to turn off the main water supply to your home, just in case a pipe bursts inside your home. At the same time, also switch off your electrical water heater to avoid a house fire.

No 4 Summer Plumbing DON'T: Don't Forget Your Annual Root Removal

In spring and summer, tree and plant roots infiltrate your sewers, causing small cracks. When the roots grow inside your sewers, it can lead to blockages. With the excess rain from the afternoon showers, this can lead to sewer line backups. Be sure to call Anta Plumbing to remove tree roots in drains to prevent this nasty problem.

No 5 Summer Plumbing DON'T: Don't Neglect Kitchen Drains

The best part about summer? Cookouts, outdoor celebrations, hanging by the swimming pool and general fun in the sun. Unfortunately, summer does not treat your kitchen drains kindly. In fact, it can be brutal. While everyone is in a rush to get back to having fun, they may be a bit lazy to properly dispose of garbage, putting fats, oils and grease, paper towels, bones and other unsuitable items down the garbage disposal. Make sure that you explain the consequences of placing large, fibrous items down your garbage disposal to your whole family.

No 6 Summer Plumbing DON'T: Don't Damage the Washing Machine

With more outdoor fun, there's also more laundry to be done, and it tends to get dirtier than it does during winter. Be sure to inspect the hoses on a regular basis, looking for kinks or bulges in the lines and hoses. Also look after the filters and the outlet. Sand can block up the drain, causing horrible smells and flooding.

With more water being used as a result of watering the garden, filling the swimming pool and increased laundry, it is a good idea to save money on your water bill wherever possible. Use the dishwasher instead of washing by hand. Modern, efficient machines use up to 37% less water.

The one thing that remains constant through the seasons, is the fact that Anta Plumbing is there for you - summer or winter, we're here to assist with plumbing tips, advice and assistance.

Written by Tanya Klien

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