Toronto Basement Waterproofing Do’s and Don’ts

Basement waterproofing is probably one of the best ways to have a dry basement for Toronto homeowners. Damp basements are not only dangerous for the building’s structure, but they also have a negative health impact on the residents. Basement waterproofing keeps all these problems away and provides several additional facilities. However, there are certain points to be taken into consideration before starting your basement waterproofing project. Being the number one basement waterproofing contractor in Toronto, we have helped many homeowners make the maximum utilization of their basements with our top-class waterproofing service. In addition to offering outstanding service, top classwork, and affordable pricing, we also educate home and business owners on their daily plumbing issues and fixes through this plumbing blog.

Before getting started with your basement waterproofing project, be very careful about your selection of waterproofing products. There are hundreds of waterproofing product manufacturers, and many of these products are extremely inferior in quality. Depending on when, how, where, and by whom these products are manufactured, there can be a serious difference in terms of their quality. In case you have any doubts regarding the selection of these products, you can call us and seek our help.

Almost all Toronto plumbing companies now offer basement waterproofing services in response to its high market demand. However, most of these companies have technicians who are adequately trained in basement waterproofing. Therefore, you should only opt for companies where ongoing training is provided to the technicians on repair techniques, standards, and equipment.

It is also important to remember that all types of basement water-related problems do not have similar solutions. Most of the common issues can be fixed by wall crack plugging, floor drain cleaning or sealing the areas around the windows, etc. However, the simple basement waterproofing techniques are of no use if structural damage has already been caused to the foundation of the building.

Things to Do

• Immediately talk to a structural engineer if there is a foundation issue with your home because no basement waterproofing contractor will be able to help you in such circumstances.
• Be it a structural engineer or a basement waterproofing specialist, never appoint them in a hurry. Interview at least three of them and request them to inspect the problem.
• You must only recruit contractors that are experienced, licensed, and prepared to provide references of past work.

Things Not to Do

• Basement waterproofing may appear very simple while watching them on YouTube or on television. However, like every field, basement waterproofing is also a highly specialized job that can be done best by trained professionals.
• Do not take a call on any service or product on the basis of what you see in its website or advertisements.
• Never allow a basement waterproofing company to without a written contract and adequate warranty.
• Don’t pay your basement waterproofing contractor before job completion and inspection.

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Written by Tanya Klien

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