Why Do We Need a Sump Pump ?

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A sump pump is an extreme necessity for every house that has a basement. The function of sump pumps is to protect the basement against flood water damage.

Basement flooding is a common concern for many Toronto households, it becomes extremely important to have sump pumps for every home in Toronto with a basement.

Sump pumps are important because most households store many of their priced possessions in their basements.

Sump pits are found in most of the basements. This is where all the water gets collected if the level of the basement is lower than the water level. There is a risk of the sump pit overflowing if it is not emptied on a regular basis. This is where sump pu8C5A8C2F-F1DF-4A15-A9C8-686628A2751Emps are required. The pumps are programmed to turn on automatically, and the accumulated water gets drained out. You can put your sump pumps on a timed mode so that they run for a certain period of time.

In most buildings, the water is transported through a large drainage pipe to far-off locations such as municipal drains, dry wells, or swales. The drainage pipe is fitted with a check valve to ensure there is no backflow of water when the motor stops functioning. Sump pumps in many older buildings in the city drain directly into the sewage system. However, this is not recommended because it leads to serious overloading of the system.

If you have a house on a low terrain, there can be severe water accumulation due to heavy rains.

Sump pumps are absolute requirements for the drainage system of such buildings. Accumulation of a high volume of water in the basement leads to the weakening of the building’s foundation. Therefore, by having the right kind of sump pump installed, you can reduce the potential damage to your structure. Sump pumps are also very useful for the houses that are located on hills. This is because very oftBB87F217-86DC-47F0-B39A-B237F7212987en it is seen that the drainage of water from the eaves trough and the roof is inadequate.  In such circumstances, a sump pump can prevent flooding caused by excessive rainfall and snow runoffs.

To ensure smooth operation of your sump pump, make it function on your house’s water pressure and make sure it is operational all the time. Have a battery-operated back-up system to keep the system functional even during a power outage. Straight sump pumps are battery-operated and can be extremely useful during a power failure.

Being a renowned plumbing contractor in Toronto, we have a wealth of experience in the installation, repair, and maintenance of sump pumps. You can contact us immediately if your basement is prone to frequent flooding.

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