Why You Should Keep Your Toilet Lid Closed at All Times

While most of us make a concerted effort to avoid germs, some people leave their toilets open. Some find nothing wrong with it, while others find it a disgusting habit. Unfortunately, many public restrooms have no lids on their toilets, which is why many people avoid them like the plague. Combine the lid-less toilet with the enclosed space and powerful flush, and you can understand why...

Amidst the controversy, you can rely on Anta Plumbing to be your voice of reason and our plumbers agree that it is very important to keep your toilet closed at all times. Why? Because...

1. Germs & bacteria travel up to 8 feet in every direction when you leave the lid up.

A recent study at Leeds University found that the air above toilets can travel up to 10 inches during an open flush. This bacteria, known as C. difficile, causes violent vomiting, is found all over the bathroom, and not only on the floor, on top and on the sides of the toilet - and the bacteria is not only there when the toilet is being used, but all the time. Researchers found it in bathrooms 90 minutes after the toilet was used, along with contaminated water droplets on nearby surfaces, such as where you keep your toothbrush.

2. Small children can fall into open toilets.

Baby proofing companies now make toilet locks to keep your small child safe. Since toddlers move fast, they can easily slip into the bathroom, and the fact that they are top-heavy, makes it easy for them to fall head-first into the toilet, drowning.

Hands up, how many female readers have fallen into the toilet at night when the man of the house has left the lid up?

How many couples fight about the guy leaving the seat up? So much of that aggression can be prevented by simply following the hygienic purpose of putting down both the seat and the lid. It takes a second, and it doesn't cost anything or hurt at all - so what's the big deal, right?

3. Veterinarians warn against allowing your pets to drink from the toilet.

Dogs and cats tend to love the cool water in the toilet, however, the bacteria-filled mist is as bad for your pets as it is for you. Think about that next time your pet kisses you!

4. You don't want your wealth to go down the tubes...

Feng-shui experts strongly recommend that you keep your toilet bowl closed at all times, because the water has power to draw energy out - as well as your money.

5. It can help prevent you from losing things.

Most of us have experienced a toilet roll accidentally falling into an open bowl, but that's not all. Here at Anta Plumbing, we regularly find strange items in the sewer drains - from wedding rings to goldfish, cell phones, toys and many other items. Save yourself the trouble and loss by simply keeping the toilet shut.

Let's face it - a toilet is not a recliner, and it should definitely not be used for that purpose. It has a lid for a reason, and that should be used for its intended purpose.

Written by Tanya Klien

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